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  1. I know that you cannot get into a door if its shaved im just using the signal from the lock to trigger the relay. on my oem the lock is integrated into the same housing as the door latch mechanism and its all sealed inside a plkastic box so i cant completely remove the lock from the door latch
  2. Hey everybody im having some trouble getting the timing right on my shaved door handle kit. I have the relay on the solenoid being controlled by the signal to my lock solenoid as well so i can use my oem key fob. The passenger side is working perfectly fine, but on the drivers side it seems that the door solenoid is pulling before the lock solenoid has fully completed its action causing the lock to delay and not allow the door to open becase it will not allow the lock complete its cycle before the door solenoid. Is there a way that i can delay the door solenoid while still keeping it all controlled off of the lock solenoid signal?
  3. thanks my first time tinting windows.. curving the back window was a task..
  4. alright i got it figured out everybody go check it out...thanks for the assistance
  5. alright everybody i just made a photobucket account and did what you all said and in the post it just give you the address it didnt actually upload the phot to where you can just see it here on the forum..
  6. alright so today was a good day i was able to borrow a friends garage and tint my windows and cover a panel for my trunk that i have been working on let me knwo what you think...
  7. alright how do i get my pictures to upload to here from my myspace page so you all dont have to go there to check them out??
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