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    Hearing cars go BOOM, Seeing cars go zoom, and making art in my room lol.
  1. I see you Steve throwin up that Crooked I Too bad I wasn't in the mood to toss one back
  2. That crazy how nature works lol. But was more funny was when the other buffaloes came back with the "goonies" and started controlling shit from there.
  3. Professor Steve Meade doing his best work as usual. Those are some really nice "puddles" that you made for the terminals. Too bad I don't use a torch to solder. I use the good ol' soldering wall socket style gun
  4. Damn Steve I think you gave shorty in the white an orgasm the way she jumped. Too bad you couldn't get your "headlights" to flex too lol j/k.
  5. After waiting some odd ball number of weeks to get everything straight. I finally get my air hose I needed to do some airbrushing and the damn gun is clogging up on me after cleaning it like 7 times like the manual says and it still clogs up FUCK THAT
  6. Ahhh... The classic middle-finger personal pic. Glad to see you have so much love for the forum! J/K man! Take care now. -Peace

  7. ^^^FUCK THAT to 10^1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  8. I was just MSN IM playin Truth ir Dare with chick and she goes into beast mode for me daring her to show me her bra and calls me all kinds of f*cked up names FUCK THAT!!! If you're not willing to do DARE EVENTS THEN DON"T PLAY FUCK THAT!!!
  9. Speaker companies always giving the peak value of their subs instead the rms only FUCK THAT
  10. Remember when you were younger and got trouble in school and had to write a sentence 100 times and told the teacher Fuck her/him and FUCK THAT!!!
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