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  1. A friend of mine said that her fuel pump/"gas pump" was not workin right which is understandable. But to my understandin isn't it inside the cab under the backseat? Cuz she was told it's under the car.
  2. Hey Steve I was wonderin if you could add a section to your forum. This section would be "Shop Talk" or something along those lines. It'll be section where ppl who are in the business can offer business advice to those who would like to start a car audio business or shop like myself.
  3. Shit with the discount I was goin to receive from the company I was gonna create a MONSTER thru them but I guess I gotta start from scratch.
  4. Honestly two months. I started in Dec. But I've always been there on time cuz I was carpoolin with someone that works but they had personal things to tend so I was left to fend for myself yesterday. The company I was workin for is Harman Becker. Top Dog over JBL, Infinity, Mark Levison, and many other car audio companies. I was basically a "lab rat" just doin intial testin on stuff like speakers and radios that came under warranty from dealerships like Doge, BMW, Porshe and etc. I admit the job was kinda boring but I wanted to stay cuz I thought I could learn a lil on how some of the stock components worked opposed to the aftermarket stuff.
  5. Well where to do the hell I begin. I get fired from my job yesterday after makin one of the most biggest sacrifices ever made. Which is gettin up at 4am to get to the train station so I can get to work. Get on the right train but completely miss my stop and to go NY. Get back on and have to walk at least 5-10 miles up a 65 mph highway in 30-40 degree weather. I was at least 1-2hrs but got all my work done by 4pm. Then to get told I'm fired cuz they feel I'm not "motivated" to get shit done. Then today I went to Ny with a friend and wound up losin my cell phone. WHAT THE FUCK ELSE IS GOIN TO GO WRONG FOR ME?! :mad:
  6. I like the way she looked at the camera and said UH OH! But the bad thing about Lumpkin some ppl actually have that last name.
  7. I just wanna know how much did some of you guys charge for installs and builds when you first started off?
  8. Well for the 3rd time this month I went to try out for my driver's permit and successfully passed it but missing it by 3 points!!!! So, hopefully after I take my driver's test in April I'll be on the road and producing some of the most hottest cars to EVER come out of NORTH JERSEY!!!!. So, start lookin for my Build logs comin real soon.
  10. How bad is this "lag" and how will it affect my Pc if I use one?
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