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  1. I knew I heard this before.. here it is in a mixtape. DJ Sashwat - Presents Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz (Volume 4) http://forums.di.fm/dubstep/dj-sashwat-presents-dank-n-dirty-dubz-volume-4-a-194068/ The whole song list as well
  2. I'm looking for an alt for my 1990 Honda CRX. D16a6 motor. Let me know what you have, Thanks
  3. I shouldn't need to say this, but describe optimum. I'm already going to throw more power at them than RMS. That should show I trust their quality =p I ran my 15" Audioque HD3's @ 0.5 ohm with my 2 zx2500.1's =D 300a of alt, 5 blue tops, 6ft^3 of enclosure. tuned low. I did a 149.7 @ 32hz lol (blew 1 sub eventually) But yeah I figure the enclosure is small enough that I shouldn't have a problem with this setup. I won't get maximum performance out of the subs but sometimes a reliable system trumps performance.
  4. Well it's in there.. Now I need a real alternator! 60a isn't going to cut it.
  5. Here's what I have. 2.47 ft^3 0.21 port vol I just don't want to go with a sealed design if I can. This will leave 1.235 ft^3 per woofer.
  6. Sealed box: H-Qts .2-.4 cuft Ported box: .6-1.2 cuft @ 33Hz This is whats recommended on Fi's site. That seams awfully small..
  7. I have 2 Fi SSD 10's that'll be powered by a kicker zx2500.1 I have room for a box that is 27x19x12 I'd like to go with a ported box tuned to 35hz. I'm already pushing these subs with the power is it a good idea to just go with a sealed box? For a ported box, less ft3 = better able to handle power right? I'll design a ported box but I'll be looking at probably 1.5 ft3 depending on the size of port. Sorry guys I've been out of car audio for a couple years so bear with me lol
  8. Thanks alot for the quick response guys, I know a local DC dealer so I'll check out his pricing. If I'm not impressed I will order some SSD's. Originally thought I'd go with the BL line but if the Fi SSD will handle the power I might as well save a few bucks.
  9. Pretty simple lol, I'm in the market for 2 10" subs that will be ran of a kicker zx2500. I'm not up to date with the products on the market right now.. Suggestions?
  10. I got fucked a few times in high school installing peoples shit, now I've been out for 3 years. I REFUSE to install, fix or sell a vehicle to someone I know. Unless they're a very close friend or they know exactly what is going on and help. Sold as is where is. The social part is worse, thats why it was a no no for me.
  11. I ran 2/0 on my last system cause the welding shop I went to ran out of 1/0 (same price) I don't really see the point unless you can get it for a good price
  12. Its their job to take anything and everything seriously and proffesionally or they get in trouble with their bosses. Reason being we, citizens are so critical of every move they make. He wasn't a dick he was doing his job the way he was trained. It was a safety issue, maybe these tree huggers should have tested it on private property
  13. Thats impressive! Dump truck was empty I'm guessing.. Wonder what would happen with a truck that is 3-4 times the weight
  14. I'm trying to look at some threads, every single post has the persons normal sig, then a huuuuuge blank spot. Its freezing my computer, I can load a thread with a few posts but no more. I havent been around for a while, forum design just changed? I love the look but I'm confused whats going on with the signatures. Can someone shoot me a pm, maybe I have a setting wrong on my computer? Thanks guys
  15. I'm loaded as fuck right now. Too bad this threads a week old
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