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  1. I have about a ground worth of shit in my closet waiting for my vw. And my vw is out front waiting for an engine...
  2. Your gonna spend a lot of money just to see if it "sounds better". If power and signal clarity are the same then the only difference you will see is as a result of the quality of the amplifier. I'd say just invest in a better quality amp, not a more powerful one.
  3. Your best bet is to mount them pointing towards you. If your pointing them towards anything else its going to diffuse the sound and ruin it. The best thing to do,IMO, is mount them somewhere facing you. Your kick panel looks like a good candidate. Keep an open mind and thing a few steps ahead at all times. There's more to life than full tilt. If a speaker is tuned well it should never hurt. I have heard some unbelievably loud setups that i can thoroughly enjoy at extreme levels. Imagine being front row at a huge concert, but without the headache from the terrible signal.
  4. Haha then my work here is done. I would never recommend a (for lack of a better term) poor install.
  5. Are you going to do glass work to get them in?
  6. Without knowing what kind of car you have, we nave no idea. Even if we did know what kind it is we still wouldn't be able to tell you. Thats kinda on you...
  7. I think you just down graded an already slow and non powerful car. Congrats....
  8. You get this man what he wants. Those caps in his car would be other worldly.
  9. I understand its dangerous, but not everything dangerous is stupid. Personally i was impressed by the alignment, and the road. That thing was ghost for a long time, without issue.
  10. Shit all the hate in here... i was impressed. And calling that riced out... really? People these days are just too damn stubborn for their own good. You could see in his doors how well he takes care of that car. Better than 95% of anyone reading this thats for sure. Me included.
  11. If you ask questions like this, then you'll never hear the difference.
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