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  1. Can you strap the orion xtr 2500.1d to the newer model 2500.1dz?
  2. heres some vids of my DC XL m2 12's, pretty nasty for being in the trunk of a grand prix.
  3. I was planning on calling rockford on monday. I just want to know why this happened to my amp.. what causes a MOSFET to get cooked? i never had a problem with this amp till i ran its first 1ohm load in my new car..
  4. so if i replace all 3 of those the amp should work again? and where would i even get ones to match?
  5. Got the pic up of burnt spot, cleaned.. anyone know why this may of happened? or what causes this to burn??
  6. upload your pics to photobucket..Copy the IMG code. and past the code into the insert image button on the add reply section of this forum, its next to a big yellow smiley face lol
  7. ill get a pic of the same spot all cleaned up on here in a minute
  8. The burnt spot is now cleaned up with some rubbing alcohol.. and it looks like it came from the grey long thing..resistor? and as you can see there are little orange things on the right hand side of them.. i think the orange thing was bent over and touching it.. maybe that was the cause?
  9. A week or two ago my amp started cutting out to the point where it went into protect mode, and made a terrible high pitched screeching noise.. smelt like burning plastic.. Is anyone familiar with what all these resistors going around the amp is for? and maybe why this happened? cleaned up the burnt spot
  10. the amp might have been going bad im not sure.. right before i unhooked everything the amp was in protect mode and was making a weird ass screeching noise.. its weird because my friend has a RF t2500 and his amp is making the same screeching noise as my t4000.1.. maybe rockford amps tend to go bad?
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