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  1. This is one small vid of it playing. Have more tuning to do and crossover points to adjust. Very happy with the outcome so far. I find it odd how high the subs sound on video when they are crossed at 80hz. Should I go lower possibly? In person it don't sound high at all. The air movement on the tag and shades. Are from the subs only the windows are fully up for this. I tried to spare the neighbors. Even though one who wanted to sit in it said he is having second thoughts now. He live a full block from me and heard it in his shop. Win win for me lol. 20210912_173110_003.mp4
  2. Got things up and playing finally. Had several issues to get itnup amd going. Had to glass behind the 6.5's to separate them from the 8's. The 8's over powered them even with so much airspace. Then while I was setting things up and working on turn off pop crap. The stereo didn't come back on. All fuses and relays are good. So dash,consol,dash cap and the radio all came back apart . The ignition power wire worked to the plug under the cap. But where it went down into the dash to the ignition and back up I guess didn't work anymore. Also the ground to the radio didn't test out anymore with the continuity tester. That was from the negative battery wire to the ground wire. So I had to run new wires for both. The list goes on. I can't drive the burb now cause the reverse light trigger went out. The radiator blew the side out. One after another lol
  3. So true and I've gotten that reaction from a few friends who wanted to come by and see it. They look at the front and shake their heads and make comments about it is gonna be loud. Then I tell them to look in the back between the seats. They just step back and say wow. These are people who have never seen any systems of this size. So it spooks them seeing it lol. For Halloween I should make cardboard teeth for it lmao
  4. Nice idea to me. The single lights either dimmed or behind tinted plexy. Would be easy to hide and should give just enough light to work. I'm gonna have to play with that idea.
  5. I don't really like a lot of lights. But that is one thing I'm trying to figure out now. I want a soft blue glow on the front of the wall. Want to be able to see them at night for kicks. I would do led strips but that is too much for my tastes. If anyone has any ideas how to manage this shoot. Any ideas and help is appreciated.
  6. Thank you. I am happy with the way it looks. Not a showy or polished as some. But for this old fart it is perfect old-school style
  7. Sub wall is almost completed. Got a few details I am planning still. Made the side trim panels removable. I will be adding fans on the sides to move air to the back and pull it out to the cabin. The back half of the burb gets so hot. You can barely touch the amps with no power. We hit 100 with 110 index. The amps were 160 with no power. I am gonna make a layered insulation piece for the back glass. Maybe it will slow the heat down. I've got it blacked out with grey primer and and a layer of rubberized undercoat. But it just heats up anyways. The top and bottom trims matched the angles even. Not pro but I'm very happy with this.
  8. So am I lol. I sadly just sat in the front seat staring at the subs in the mirror even though it was 100 at the time lol. Pretty lame Worth it for this old fart lol
  9. Thank you. Not the normal way I don't think but it worked lol. Now to work on the trim panel for the enclosure and adding fans to circulate air.
  10. Got the inverter,lights hardwired to the dash lights,the DSP and the plugs all wired up. Pretty happy with the look of it. Just wished that the headliner didn't pull apart on me. I plan on redoing the console later to make a better and cleaner look.
  11. Some progress on the console finally. This isn't the best but it is all done by me at least. Got way out of comfort zone with this sewing. I did many hours of trial and error but still messed up. Happy for now. The lights are much dimmer in person than on the camera. Oh I also used a dense foam that I forgot the name of. To smooth out the transition from the dash to the console and the front to the back section.
  12. Sorry. Been hard to get anything done worth posting. Today was the most time I got to spend on it in about a month. Having 30 minutes at a time freaking sucks and and near impossible to get anywhere. Now we have more storms coming but I can work on this section any ways woot. I'm just want to hear it already lol
  13. The other part I'm got some progress on is the center console. I ended up scrapping the other one after days of work. Went a different route all together. I was jealous of the lighted cup holders in the wife's jeep. So I made me some a little different than all the ones I've seen done. I did sand the inside cutout so it isn't clear. It will allow me for some dulling and filtering of the light. I don't want crazy bright or ray. Want it to kinda flow in a soft glow. We will see if I screwed up or not. I will have my processor and a power plug with USB plugs in this section. I will also have a 800 watt max inverter inside the console. Will start laying out the lights and power switch for the inverter next. Then when my landau foam gets in. I will flow the transition from the dash trim inward for a smooth flow. Same will be done where the back joins the front. Then do final rounding and start to vinyl the console. After this it is trim panels for the enclosure. Soooo close to the end but so far
  14. Not a lot done between storms and personal life issues. I went with some advice of using instead of screws for the trim panels. So I did and really liked how well they worked. All that is left is trying to fix a few mistakes. Install the batts and braces. Then when the cab section is done I will be able to start powering it up.
  15. Did not know that about him. He never bragged about it or made himself bigger than he thought the was. He was a good freind and one hell of an inspiration to many. We would talk about wood work or fishing for hours lol. When I read about this morning I was in shock. We just talked a couple of days ago. He was tired but said nothing that would make a person to think it was that close. Condolences to you Steve as he obviously held a special place in your heart. Sucks another one left us all.
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