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  1. Thank you. I just started to wonder how much my mpg will be affected also. I average 19.5mpg in town 20-21mpg highway. Yeah I hear that with the audio bug. I backed away for a little bit but it was eating at me to get back in lol. I still have a soft spot for old-school style with a modern touch. What I get for being almost 50 lol. Hope you can do it soon for yourself. Looking forward to seeing it in the future.
  2. Sometimes I just don't like you anymore . Just amazing work and layout. No way I would want something like this in this part of Texas. I would spend more time cleaning then listening to it lol. What's next a rotating sub enclosure with amps behind fake wall of water? Keep it up sir
  3. Thank you man. From the bench test I did(I had to hear them lol)I think they are gonna rock. I was suprised the difference a actual mid bass makes in that set up. Can't wait to have it powered right and tuned with the dsp. Which is gonna be a first for me on this one. Stepping up like a big boy on this build. But couldn't have done it without help and input from folks like you.
  4. Sorry bro I'm a little behind. I hope your system turns out the way you are wanting it. You have always done great work imo. Thank you that means a lot to me. I have had a lot of good examples to follow over the years. Probably won't make it to the level of some of ya guys. But I'm enjoying it lol. We are doing well can't complain. Ya been doing well?
  5. Thank you very much. I was wanting to come close as I could to that look. I wanted it to blend in not stick out like a sore thumb.
  6. Got the door panels on and speakers in wired up with easy disconnects. Went ahead and put 80mil sound deadener on the panels also. Added more matt and used a brush to add more spectrum deadener to the doors. After all is said and done. The deadener is as thick as the plastic used to make the dash from lol. No more Chevy rattle can now. The only problem I ran into with everything. Is each freaking pod has one little spot that rubs the dash. I'll have to put either tap or a felt dot there to protect the vinyl. I think my first time came out pretty decent. Had to fix the mm to m
  7. I really don't like you pro folks making rebuilding a speaker so simple. Lol Gonna be intersting seeing this unfold. You doing a regular enclosure or wall?
  8. Door pods wrapped and getting ready to be mounted to the door. Then I will spray stain the pods and main door. The dark pewter that matches stock colors. The grey insert and trims will be changed to med grey. This is the second time doing vinyl and first time going this far with doing doors. Pretty happy with the way it turned out.
  9. Some catch up progress. After laying down resin then next day I primed the port walls. The next morning we had a freak cold front. Well I woke up to this crap. I guess the second can or second tube of hardener was bad. The sides,inside and top of the port wall that were done with the first can. Dried perfect and no cracking. Ended up having to strip and grind down to wood. Then bindo and glaze again. This time it went as planned. I am using interior washable paint for the enclosure. The color is granite grey and seems to fit decently.
  10. Thank you. I really hope it does. We always hear to grow you gotta step out of your comfort zone. Well I stepped out into space from my comfort zone lol Learning so much on this build. I should have done this years ago when I was young. I can't wait either. Having to force myself to have the patience to maintain the closest right way possible and not to hurry up.
  11. Where I am at right now. Will have to make more braces to make sure I have no flex or sag over time. This enclosure will be in here for many years. The added 200lb braces on top are results of my error not the designer. When I took the measurements it was with the back seat in. I had to cut it out due to broken latches. Well after removing it I found out the floor raised 1" from the seat back. When I removed the headliner to make support brackets to secure the enclosure. I found out the factory braces were in the way and took up another 1". So I lost the double walls on top and bottom. Bottom
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