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  1. I bet yours will turn out fine. When I have to move everything. I'm gonna try to leave the wiring as is. Just redo it from the relays and blocks to the new spot wherever that will be for the amps. That sucks to hear. I'm finding out that these seem to have issues with the trans a lot. Not something I want to think about. I don't want to get rid of it. It is paid for lol
  2. Thank you. I showed my wife the system at night. She said she will not get in it at all now. All because of how it looks with the blue lights lol. I don't feel so bad now. I felt the same way. Then again I've not sat right in front of them either. I might just have to now lol. I think this was the boys first time ever hearing a bass system also. Thank you again. Means a lot to me.
  3. It isn't the greatest thing to use possibly. I use this to keep up with live sound settings in church. I tried it in the burb. I used decent volume to test this with pink noise. I set the volume to 20 out of 32. The yellow is before and red is after. The first one is no eq settings yet. The second is afterwards and boy did it make a huge difference wow. The third one shows the bass responce which to me is pretty smooth. It rolls off at 33hz but I think it will do better if I play music with lower than 34. My bass mechanic from the 80's only goes to 35 with test tones. I need to double check my filters on the amps also. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. This is all new to me tuning this way. I can say you can in person hear the full orchestra and even the taps of the conductors stick.
  4. I've got the system tuned now will have to do vids with that part later. When I can drive my beast. Went to drive it down the road. The transmission decided it don't want to shift out of 2nd . So now I've got a 7k plus pound yard ornament I can sit in for now. The bad part is this transmission is just over 3 years old with less than 30k at most. Factory rebuilt one and it crashed on me. Not sure from sitting so long or what yet. These videos are with the eq settings flat. They are just very short ones. Not good with this yet. I had to see if it would move a half bag of halls lol. Kinda dumb but interesting 20211230_144001_1.mp4 20220108_123445_2.mp4 20211230_143921_2_1.mp4 20211230_143921_2_1.mp4 20211228_180122_2.mp4
  5. Some updates on the system finally. Just too much crazy to explain. So crazy it sounds like a movie. Such is life I guess. With the help of many people plus Tony D'Amore and Tony Candela of CE electric. I have been able to eliminate almost all turn off sounds. Hardly noticeable even turning the key off before the stereo. Ended up using 8 spdt 50/30 relays for all speakers and subs. They get warm at full tilt but have not tripped once. Being done afterwards it still looks pretty decent to me.
  6. Thank you very much. I thought I responded to you but didn't post it i guess. I'm apologize for that. Yeah it has been intersting for sure lol. I am really happy with it now. It ain't no wind monster or spl beast. But it sure puts a big cheese eaten grin on my face lol. Had some friends get to hear it and sat in it. Forgot to get vids of that of course. But they both told me I was crazy while being amazed how it would play everything. He asked me to throw in Beethoven. I was surprised how good it sounded. But the one who sat in the back said it felt like someone was grabbing his throat and choking him.
  7. This is one small vid of it playing. Have more tuning to do and crossover points to adjust. Very happy with the outcome so far. I find it odd how high the subs sound on video when they are crossed at 80hz. Should I go lower possibly? In person it don't sound high at all. The air movement on the tag and shades. Are from the subs only the windows are fully up for this. I tried to spare the neighbors. Even though one who wanted to sit in it said he is having second thoughts now. He live a full block from me and heard it in his shop. Win win for me lol. 20210912_173110_003.mp4
  8. Got things up and playing finally. Had several issues to get itnup amd going. Had to glass behind the 6.5's to separate them from the 8's. The 8's over powered them even with so much airspace. Then while I was setting things up and working on turn off pop crap. The stereo didn't come back on. All fuses and relays are good. So dash,consol,dash cap and the radio all came back apart . The ignition power wire worked to the plug under the cap. But where it went down into the dash to the ignition and back up I guess didn't work anymore. Also the ground to the radio didn't test out anymore with the continuity tester. That was from the negative battery wire to the ground wire. So I had to run new wires for both. The list goes on. I can't drive the burb now cause the reverse light trigger went out. The radiator blew the side out. One after another lol
  9. So true and I've gotten that reaction from a few friends who wanted to come by and see it. They look at the front and shake their heads and make comments about it is gonna be loud. Then I tell them to look in the back between the seats. They just step back and say wow. These are people who have never seen any systems of this size. So it spooks them seeing it lol. For Halloween I should make cardboard teeth for it lmao
  10. Nice idea to me. The single lights either dimmed or behind tinted plexy. Would be easy to hide and should give just enough light to work. I'm gonna have to play with that idea.
  11. I don't really like a lot of lights. But that is one thing I'm trying to figure out now. I want a soft blue glow on the front of the wall. Want to be able to see them at night for kicks. I would do led strips but that is too much for my tastes. If anyone has any ideas how to manage this shoot. Any ideas and help is appreciated.
  12. Thank you. I am happy with the way it looks. Not a showy or polished as some. But for this old fart it is perfect old-school style
  13. Sub wall is almost completed. Got a few details I am planning still. Made the side trim panels removable. I will be adding fans on the sides to move air to the back and pull it out to the cabin. The back half of the burb gets so hot. You can barely touch the amps with no power. We hit 100 with 110 index. The amps were 160 with no power. I am gonna make a layered insulation piece for the back glass. Maybe it will slow the heat down. I've got it blacked out with grey primer and and a layer of rubberized undercoat. But it just heats up anyways. The top and bottom trims matched the angles even. Not pro but I'm very happy with this.
  14. So am I lol. I sadly just sat in the front seat staring at the subs in the mirror even though it was 100 at the time lol. Pretty lame Worth it for this old fart lol
  15. Thank you. Not the normal way I don't think but it worked lol. Now to work on the trim panel for the enclosure and adding fans to circulate air.
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