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  1. Get well sir. Will keep ya in prayers for whatever the issue is. Just tell the doctors like I did two months. When my heart was about to explode or stop. Hurry plug me in inject me with meds patch me up. Got things to do and build ?. Wife was mad at me big time haha. Be safe man
  2. Some parts of OK probably did. We got unofficially 5 to 6 inches of snow at the house. Now we are getting freezing rain
  3. Nothing to be sorry about. I thought it was funny also. Just didn't know the person. At least he wasn't lost in my beard lol P.S. hahahahaha
  4. who is that in the corner? scared the hell out of me. spooky woods characters n shit... lmao, you started a shitstorm sir...... That is funny. Just remember that when sneaking onto this property Now who is the dude?
  5. This is looking towards my house from the back yard. Daughter walking in the back [url=http://s1135.photobucket.com/user/dog24fret/media/Texas%20snow%202015/024_zpsny8ed9cq.jpg.html] I'm loving this snow
  6. I believe that. The sad part is most of the wrecks are caused by the yankees who move here. They should know how to drive in this ya would think lol. By my house it is snow with ice over the top of it now and that makes it really bad. thanks for taking our snow, North Dakota Welcome. Would've had some sooner if yall weren't so selfish
  7. Being forced to by a new game system just to play one dang game!! The newer games are more video than game play anymore
  8. Cool to hear about the new stuff. I know some of the electrical in the first two. Have helped me allot with tracing down issues. Man why do I/we have to wait that long I may not be alive that far off dangit lol
  9. Gotta get it to keep the set compleat. X2 on what Orion said lol. There are a few on here that need to get together and make a new car audio cookbook IMO.
  10. Didn't think I've been on here this long. Jul 6 2010 Member#33714 I think
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