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  1. Sorry. Been hard to get anything done worth posting. Today was the most time I got to spend on it in about a month. Having 30 minutes at a time freaking sucks and and near impossible to get anywhere. Now we have more storms coming but I can work on this section any ways woot. I'm just want to hear it already lol
  2. The other part I'm got some progress on is the center console. I ended up scrapping the other one after days of work. Went a different route all together. I was jealous of the lighted cup holders in the wife's jeep. So I made me some a little different than all the ones I've seen done. I did sand the inside cutout so it isn't clear. It will allow me for some dulling and filtering of the light. I don't want crazy bright or ray. Want it to kinda flow in a soft glow. We will see if I screwed up or not. I will have my processor and a power plug with USB plugs in this section. I will also have a 8
  3. Not a lot done between storms and personal life issues. I went with some advice of using instead of screws for the trim panels. So I did and really liked how well they worked. All that is left is trying to fix a few mistakes. Install the batts and braces. Then when the cab section is done I will be able to start powering it up.
  4. Did not know that about him. He never bragged about it or made himself bigger than he thought the was. He was a good freind and one hell of an inspiration to many. We would talk about wood work or fishing for hours lol. When I read about this morning I was in shock. We just talked a couple of days ago. He was tired but said nothing that would make a person to think it was that close. Condolences to you Steve as he obviously held a special place in your heart. Sucks another one left us all.
  5. Let the upper part of the trimpanel is opened to help with airflow. Along with the big holes on the sides and gap around the amps. Should cool pretty decently. If I have to add more fans later I have the spots and room. Still have to cut the lower part to match the angles. Tempted to leave it honestly lol
  6. Wires ran the best I could. Not one rca,speaker wire crosses power at any point.
  7. Had to run it through my sound bar also. Sounds sweet and tight. Man I hope mine comes close to that. Great job.
  8. Thank you. Yeah it is turning out better than I expected. Thanks the door pods had me scared to death to be honest about it. I messed up many times. Just had to correct it has I went. So just take your time and dive in. Do like I did. Ask for a lot of advise from better installers and builders. I don't think I would have done this as well as I have so far without the help. Majority of this is stuff I've never done before.
  9. Not much progress as I would like. But between clean up from the freak winter storm. Then the Temps being almost 50 deg below normal. Kinda brought everything to a stop. I got the box for the batteries and the wire cover done. The gaps and pocket holes will be dealt with later. I want all this to be removable for expansion later. The wires to the crossovers,doors and amps are ran and covered.
  10. Thank you. I just started to wonder how much my mpg will be affected also. I average 19.5mpg in town 20-21mpg highway. Yeah I hear that with the audio bug. I backed away for a little bit but it was eating at me to get back in lol. I still have a soft spot for old-school style with a modern touch. What I get for being almost 50 lol. Hope you can do it soon for yourself. Looking forward to seeing it in the future.
  11. Sometimes I just don't like you anymore . Just amazing work and layout. No way I would want something like this in this part of Texas. I would spend more time cleaning then listening to it lol. What's next a rotating sub enclosure with amps behind fake wall of water? Keep it up sir
  12. Thank you man. From the bench test I did(I had to hear them lol)I think they are gonna rock. I was suprised the difference a actual mid bass makes in that set up. Can't wait to have it powered right and tuned with the dsp. Which is gonna be a first for me on this one. Stepping up like a big boy on this build. But couldn't have done it without help and input from folks like you.
  13. Sorry bro I'm a little behind. I hope your system turns out the way you are wanting it. You have always done great work imo. Thank you that means a lot to me. I have had a lot of good examples to follow over the years. Probably won't make it to the level of some of ya guys. But I'm enjoying it lol. We are doing well can't complain. Ya been doing well?
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