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  1. what time would you be getting over there tim?
  2. still have this guys shoot me your best offer!! dont be shy and im also Open to trades!
  3. 1. Product: Parted out my 01 chevy silverado and kept a lot of the goods, for sale i got some really nice custom fine detailed show quality a pillars,door & kick panels 2. Specs: A pillars have new kicker ks tweets and CDT Audio speakers,dual door panels have atomic 6.5s w/warranty from audio connection and HD2 2" cdt audio tweeters,speakers are legit look them up,kick panels are from LOGIC,never been mounted,just cut the 6.5s holes but never installed speakers,i have matching clarion 6.5s and alpine tweets,everything new never played,my beefy 4ch never arrived which was a bummer really wanted to hear this damn set up! this pods would fit 99-02 chevy/gmc suburban,tahoe,silverado,denali probably hummers and escalades too but not sure,probably a guru would chime in here 3. Description/Condition: 10/10 mechanical 10/10 cosmetic 4. Price: : 1100 shipped for everything price covers paypal fees and insurance 5. Pictures: [br][/br] [br][/br] [br][/br]
  4. 1. Product: As title says,I'm selling my 2 BNIB Ascendant Audio TEAM Subwoofer 15s these are some beastly 4" coil subwoofers,with nice fat surrounds,TI baskets,XS V2 softparts,tripple fat slug motor and that nice CF dustcap finish,completely BEEFED up mayhem that I bought for my 01 chevy silverado,but as a few of you guys know that follow my builds,I sold my truck to another local bass head.Never had the chance to install these beasts,if you guys know these subwoofers or been lucky to see them you guys know what theyre capable of :thumbsup: going to 18s and got everything except batteries for my next build I opened just one of them so you guys can see how they look like. I'm also selling other car audio parts and auto parts that came off from 01 chevy keep a look out for my listings! 2. Specs: d1.4s RMS are like 3500+ could take 5k easy 3. Description/Condition: 10/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanically 4. Price: : 725 shipped EACH to US States only price covers paypal fees and insurance would ship in their original boxes and crates so they would arrive there safely,NO trades unless youre local with team 18s,looking for 4 maybe 6 of them,not interested in other woofers so please dont offer thanks for looking! 5. Pictures: [br][/br] [br][/br] [br][/br] [br][/br] [br][/br]
  5. Still have this guys Make a reasonable offer. Also im now open for trades I bought everything i needed for my new build Could be car audio or non car audio I'm also building my 05 Sti so I'll accept any parts For it as well
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