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  1. i have it wired to a 2 ch amp each coil is going to its own ch. on the amp. the amp is an older interfire and is not 1 ohm staible and at 4 ohm theres no power like 150 watts at best .
  2. thats what i figured .. thanks for the addvice .. ive had it for a week now and love it .. way better then the mtx i had for 7 years lol
  3. i just got my fosgate t2 15" sub . its the dual 2 ohm .. i have it playing at 2 ohm and on maybe 300 watts acording to the research i did on the amp . i do have a question how do i brake it in and for how long ?
  4. thats the thing nothing has changed .. the sub runs at 2ohms like always .. but i know with just the sub amp line i had the problems .. if i turn up the sub through the head unit i would pop the fuse ... but lately it wouldn't pop get get really hot and smoke .. maybe i should just run another line just for the sub ... or its the amp idk ...
  5. here are some pics the lay out the fuse block the out side of the fuse block
  6. i had an 80 amp fuse and 100 amp fuse and they didnt "pop" it just got so hot that it smoked a little and melted some plastic .. the amp is an interfire 2ch from 2003
  7. pics of ? the fuse block or how i have it wired? its the right gauge for the amp .. idk y it is happening now its ran fine for 2 years
  8. today i notice smoke from my fuse block and the one out going wire to my sub amp was super hot (melted part of the fuse block )... its a rockford fosgate fuse block. i have efx 4ga wire going in and 2 4ga wire coming out ... one goes to my 4ch amp (never have problems there ) and the other to my sub amp (always having problems there) .. so the question is what could be causing this ? never had this problem b4
  9. that is one clean box .. just a question or 2 .. what round off bit did u use ? ( 1/4" 1/2" 3/4" ) .. i know there is a program on that helps with box building but b4 that how did u figure out the port size and its frequency? any advice on building a box that big? last question .. in one of ur old videos u used a 2 part super glue with a stay activator ..where can i get that ?
  10. well i did some work today ... i finished one of the ports .. it was a pain but i got it done ... one more and i can start the box .. with out delay here are today's pics its about to start .. wow so much better. nice clean cuts .. the port walls .. nice and clean i was happy the port looking almost done .. im happy with it .. damn and i have to make another lol well it went some what smooth i did make some mistake well im ready for the 2nd and then the box .. ill be getting the wood tomorrow ..
  11. take it real slow with the jig saw. I you still have issues, cut a bit smaller on purpose then sand the rest to get it straight. Or just get some clamps and clamp some scrap wood to make a straight line jig for your saw.lol thought i was going slow that was an hour or so of work ... for nothing but good practice lol
  12. well i thank u all for the help and good advice ... my best chance is to brace and cut ... now that i have the right measurements for the port ( lol ) the next one will be perfect ... i cant wait to try some of these tricks
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