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  1. if you live in the 863 or the 813 area of polk county or hillsborough county please let me know ive been looking for someone to enjoy systems with for a while now local shops here no nothing about spl some installers do but they are usually the strung out ones unfortunately if you love systems builds car audio and are really into it are have a lot of knowledge of it please let me know i would just like to have someone to tackle a big system with here and there and to talk about about car audio with maybe even trade in out stuff and find deals.
  2. the batterys wont be enough. , at least not imo i say check out irraqi /dc power H/O alternators ( just adding them batteries will add a strain to your alternator specially if it is the stock alt. which therefor will equal not full power and strain on the amp which could cause it to overheat and burn up ) so like i said above my suggestion would be a high output alternator and lots of grounds ( can never have to many ) along with the 2 batteries. edit: also big 3 if you havent already.
  3. Audioque 3500D.1 is a good amp as well as all the ones stated above. edit: Sundown SAZ 3500D.1 http://store.soundso...-saz-3500d.html Crescendo Audio 3500D http://store.soundso...-amplifier.html AudioQue 3500D.1 http://www.audioque....ifier_p_32.html but if you dont have the electrical to back it up it could end badly... just saying I didnt see anything about electrical above.
  4. i was thinking..... - 3 x AudioQue 8" SD 2.0 Subs http://www.audioque.com/NEW-Street-Duty-SDC20-8-D4-Subwoofer-_p_69.html - AudioQue 750.1D Amp http://www.audioque.com/AQ750-Amplifier_p_46.html - Wire them up at 2.67 ohms ( roughly 500 watts rms 1000watts peak ) http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp?Q=3&I=42#results anyone got any other idea's maybe? or a guess of what they would like air space/port wise?
  5. i got a vented gas tank and a vented gas cap both are brand new. i thought so with the fan clutch as well but problem happened way after the fan clutch ( fix for the fan ) edit also just to clarify some things 91 22re are not very technical engines everything is pretty much mechanical ( sept for fuel injection and basic electrical and the computer that adjust the idle from 0 to -6 degrees.
  6. i have never term labbed the new box so i got no clue the old box was a 37 but i have tried 7 boxes before going with what i have now.
  7. i got my advice form AMICustoms who is fairly good with All Audioque subs as well as sanitarium and if you call audioque they will tell you the same thing that there subs like a lot of air and like 35-38hz just saying i got my info directly and put tons of month of reading asking and calling before i started and a lot of single sub systems are box's that are long and aero ported up for the fact of not being able to get a lot of port area just saying if my one audique sub likes more 2 cu.ft and i originally had 1.5 cu.ft after displacement with the exact same port style and box placement what does that tell you? everyone knows audioque subs like a lot of air the ( port style subs firing port firing and number all depends on the vehicle ) 3 cu.ft is what the website would recommend if you called audioque they would tell you to add half a cu. or so. not starting a argument just sharing with you what i learned about audioque subs. and making boxes for them. Edit: you can get a aq1200.1d and 2 aq 10" 2.5 for about 400-500
  8. it hink my truck sounds amazing on its 1 10" sub and alot of others have said the same (i float a can in this video with my single sub system (: not for long ) ( this was just a video my friend took with his phone with my old box which it was much louder with the next box )and this is my single sub aq sd 2.5 on aq 1200.1d
  9. in my truck it did it was louder to the ear and term lab that way just saying also had the most flex and air movement how much cu.ft u got for the 2 subs. and whats your box ported at out of curiosity actually PM me those answers i dont wanna jack this guys thread.
  10. id agree with the SA-8's ther epretty mean doesnt dc audio have a 8 also check that out aswell.
  11. i have one audioque 10" sd 2.5 sub ported at 37hz in 1.99 cu.ft of air space and it throws down watch my videos or check out my build log by the way no offence pa-pa-platypus but i think you should play with your set up a little bit more i got the best out of half a cu.ft more for each sub port towards roof on passenger side.
  12. i will let you know like i tell everyone else i have had my audioque 1200.1d for over a year and with right set up its does rated easily and also i have not seen mine got hot or even warm once plus the clipping light is very nice and if you call them there customer support is great im a huge fan of audioque amp and products and found them to be a great company to go through
  13. go with a audioque amp i have had my 1200.1 for over a year and havent even felt it get hot plus the clipping light is great as well try 1200.1 d it puts out a little over 2000watts but thats full tilt with 14.4 volts at 1ohm
  14. did you try shallow mounts rocksford fosgate , pioneer , and kicker offer some nice shallow mounts for decent pricing also maybe if you got a bench seat you could build a box in the middle like a arm rest and put a couple of 8's seen that in a silverado one time.
  15. okay im really just puzzled at this point when i turn my truck off i have so much more gas then when i turn it back on the next time. its like someone takes my gas when i park but its does not happen. i know a lot of things are factors of gas mileage so i will state below things i have done to my 22re PCV Valve , Harmonic Balance , Belts , Fuel Filter , Fuel Pump , Fuel Tank , Plugs Wires , Cap , Oil change , Air Filter , Battery , Thermostat , Master Cylinder/Brakes , 17" rims , low profile tires , a piece to the gear shifter , Radiator Cap , Gas Cap , Sending Unit. sea foamed the engine and honestly i got better gas mileage when it was running rough then now i feel like the timing is off a little but if it is its a little under not over so it idles pretty low also i had a problem with the fan clutch so i bypassed the clutch and it runs constantly now. I Have pictures of all parts and and engine and can take more if needed ill be checking this post a lot. ps. i also drive pretty low idle so im not just burning it like crazy
  16. wow i forgot to respond to this so long ago since then i have ran some sea foam through the system cleared it out good bit flushed radiator got timing fixed valves adjusted new thermostat next thing is timing chain. but i got 28 mpg and its runs great. towed a 3500 pound trailer on it the other day handle it with no problem and reason for bad gas mileage is timing was dead center when it needed to be -6 degrees so after it warms up it goes dead center and idles at 750
  17. 1991 pickup 2wd 22re fuel injected toyota sits on 15" tires and rims. low profile. Truck has sat in yard for 10 years runs now but ithink it runs a little rough looking to gains some Gas mileage (MPG) new: Fuel Filter Fuel Pump Fuel Tank Spark Plugs Spark Wires Cap & Rotor Oil Filter/Oil Change. Air Filter PCV Valve and Belts. Air Flow Meter tuned and idle to also i have ran Sea Foam Through the Vacuum and gas Tank. any advice?
  18. anyone got the all ther decafs that they could email me 1 or 2 of the songs i would like?
  19. naaa that toilet paper thing is to far na that toilet paper dispenser is far away form the toilet (idiots who made the home ) so we leave it on the counter lol.
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