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  1. hello all, I was wondering if someone can point me in right direction. I have a kicker dx 1000.1 going to 2 american bass xd 12s, Everything sounds good n all n it was all done right as of Box , 4gage fuse at battery etc. Everybody is telling me I NEED a battery or ill cause a fire. So do i really need a battery if im just runnin 1k watts? Will it be l;ouder if i get one?
  2. Do they do well in a sealed box? I plan on running 2 in a sealed box on a kicker dx 1000.1 amp?? input plz??
  3. like if i put that sub in my box will it still leave me in the 1.5-2cf range the sub needs?
  4. I dont know the tunage of the box but its not a prefab, anyway will this setup be sufficent?
  5. ok Thank you, and from what I read they arnt "customizable" are they? like to get a bit more "umph" out of the sub? Sorry if that doesnt maker sense
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