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  1. I can vouch for this car its real nice box is solid! i have sat in it full tilt! it would make someone a great project!
  2. I brought a MLA module from usmc7980. Looks almost brand new. He described the item very well. Installed the unit and my voltage jumped from 13.8-15.4. Shipping was awesome packaged the MLA very well. He's a very good seller.
  3. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/hairtrick.gif
  4. would 1 of these do nice on 2 audioque hdc3's? what is the rated power of these around 14.4? and do they do nice at .5 ohms? dont know too much about sundown...
  5. To make things better i just got a job. A forklift operator.... at a local warehouse im starting at 16.75 so im very excited... looks like i might be investing in some more equipment!
  6. Haha yeah its crooked a lil bit... yeah i got 3 coats of resin on it right now im gonna throw some mat on it tomorrow. I doubt there gonna be like 40 inches long the box is 40w 35l 18h so i should be good.
  7. Well im starting my daily/bassrace build. Shooting for 149.9 class. This build will be done by the mid to end of september. Im gonna be running, 2 Audioque HDC318's 2 Audiopipe 3000d's 1 audiopipe 1000/4 for "mids and highs" 100ft of knuconcepts 0 gauge 3 kinetik 2400's 1 300 amp alt 8 inch quickcrete tubes for port "I am streghthening the port with fiberglass" Box is 14.5 cubes tuned to 35hz IF someone would like to chime in on how long my ports should be to tune to 35hz that would be awesome i dont trust my knowledge for port tuning lol im doing 2 of the 8inch sonotubes so if you could let me know how long each one should be that would help so much I decided to start the box build since i dont have most of the equipment.. PORT!!!!! Will have updates in a few days....
  8. never buy the universal kits they suck. the turbo seals go out. and the downpipes never line up. i would just piece together your own kit. did you even check your compression to make sure your rings are good cuz once you go turbo you gotta do everything right. no shortcuts.
  9. I too live in indiana. And in fort wayne if you are outta city limits you can bump all day. So idk if your house is not in the limits of muncie then that might to apply to you.
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