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  1. lol they was turds I think I remember having a set in my accord back when I was younger powered by a rockford punch [email protected] everyone thought they pounded but I didn't think they did.
  2. Just look at link is this guy really serious thinking this is worth 1000? And he did mean 1000 cause I called it he said they are competition subs made for high dbs LMFAO http://pennstate.craigslist.org/ele/2488682003.html
  3. I know the install matters, but it also depends on the sub. If you use a WalMart sub, it will never sound good. However, even a novice could make a great sub sound better. So it does sort of depend on the sub. I always have to step in when someone says walmart subs cause I have 2 sony 12s in a nice box a friend built for me with a kicker kx600.1 and they defenitely sound amazing I hate when people hate on car audio if your a basshead you never hate on anyones system the first day I got this all installed in my everyday driver I was rolling down the street playing some metallica one and my friend literally jumped out of his house to see who was bumping and it was me I stopped and showed him what it was and he was like Holy Fack those sony subs sound just amazing now I would not take them to a bass contest cause I know the numbers would not be great but for my everyday driver they do hit hard and are very loud and have a pretty good sound quality to them now if you want sound quality loudness and something that punches go grab a set of infinity subs I recall someone selling some on the market section I had the same infinity subs on a kicker kx1200.1 and omg did they sound great.
  4. Being on a budget bro wont get you a 150 just save up until you have the cash and check out the for sale section GL
  5. When you hear bass and jump to the window to see who it is. When all you think about is car audio. When you focus more on your build then your old lady.
  6. If nothing interested in trading on a 500-1bd rockford I am told it pushes over 700 watts
  7. What kinda deal would you do on the everything but flukes,lebel maker id xpert shipped to 15946?.
  8. Ok I have the kicker CVX 12s right now I do love them they really pound hard and are pretty loud I really wanna do sa's or dc subs what kinda sound quality would I be getting would I know any kind of difference from switching to one of these other namebrands (note) I want 2 dual 4ohm 12's again if I do this change they will be powered off my brz 1700.1.
  9. ROFL I was robber once I just installed my alarm too like 3 days before forgot to turn it on they got me for a old school hcca amp it was like as long as my back seat it was a 2400 I was told and then i had an old school orion hcca 15 in a box with my old headunit I just took out laying on my back floor and my new headunit taken out of my dash and all my cds was gone to pretty funny how no1 in the projects seen anything or knew nothing it was all in a 89 ford probe gt with the turbo stock they busted out the back windshield and took it all I was soo vexxed but I got money from insurance a week later I decided to move in with my parents cause at the time me and my ex was going through some problems so I got my own place to have.
  10. Yeah cvx's are awesome I love my set I have them in a prefab 4.0 cu.ft box right now with a brz1700.1 and its pretty insane everything flexes too currently running my amp around 13.7 volts too.
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