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  1. Hey all, long time no see. I’m having an issue with a Hifonics BRX 2000.1D, 06 so it’s CEA compliant. I had this amp running in my truck for about four months all fine and dandy. Recently the subs had stopped working then would work again later on after the truck had been restarted. It did this for about a week until it stopped emitting sound all together. I spent quit some time requiring and Metering all connections. All wiring was looking fine, subs are two Alpine type S D4 wired down to 1, gain was always less than half. Tested the RCAS with an rca/aux adapter and speaker which worked and I was able to get sound from the small speaker I had hooked up. After hours of messing and entering everything I remembered I had another amp laying around the shop so I swapped it out and wahla, everything worked fine again. I’ve since switched with another amp and same thing everything works fine. I decided to open the board up, no burning on anything that I could see. I couldn’t seem to really spot any loose soldered joints and I never metered anything on the circuit board yet since this would be the first time doing so. I was thinking maybe the inputs could be bad but I’m not too familiar with internal repairs. The amp will turn on and light will be green (no protect light) but doesn’t output. I’m currently away from home for a few days so I won’t be able to get any readings for anyone to help out as of now. Curious to see if anyone else has had this issue on their board being as I can mostly only find this type of problem with some sort of electrical issue with voltage and improper ground. Thanks in advance for any advice, hopefully I can save a bit of $ by repairing this amp! (p.s I could probably have someone send me internall pictures later on!)
  2. Ok, bummer. What I had in mind would work have worked for a pair of 12"s, but not 15"s. I have some other ideas I'll look into as well. That would be awesome, I greatly appreciate it, thanks man.
  3. Lmao it's been awhile.. Just remembered my password today.
  4. That's true, I should dig a little deeper into the matter and keep researching. I also wonder if a mock up loading wall would work at all due to it not being enclosed, or maybe that would just hurt the performance outside?
  5. I'm wanting to build a 4th order for outside/party/ DJ use for an upcoming event, I figured a down firing 4th order would be the way to go to prevent damage to the speakers themselves from ongoing partiers. The only thing is I have no experience with outdoor applications so any input on wha type of box should be used for optimal output that would be amazing and much appreciated. The lvl 3s will be ran off my Crown 2000 unless I decide to build it for my SC 3515. Thanks and I'm open to everything!
  6. they were fed 2 4ks split between the four subs lol, like nasty said the full play time on them was only a few hours, and yes thats per for batteries
  7. I have a 5.7, I'm not sure about a new truck like that maybe someone else could chime in?
  8. I have a brand new 10k for sale was only mounted , was asking 2150 shipped And now the sad part, if I can get most spoken for I'll be selling all of the equipment out of the escalade It's a hard decision since so much time and money was invested but I never ever drive it so if your interested in an item just lmk The items that are possibly up for sale are listed below : (4) DD 9918's with red cf cones and black cf caps , most power ever seen was 1500 watts clamped - 850$ shipped per sub SMD volt, and temp meters and a DD-1 only item used was the volt meter 65$ per meter 90$ for the DD-1 - sold (2) DD SS4a amps - 325$ shipped Audison Bit one with controller - 700$ shipped (5) batcap 4000's - 300 + shipping 3 sets of Focal acess line speakers 120$ a set (3) Iraggi 320a alts - 400$ shipped Don't be afraid to make offers! I ALSO HAVE A BRAND NEW DC 10k! I DONT HAVE A PIC OF IT RIGHT NOW BUT AS YOU CAN IMAGINE ITS JUST A BRAND NEE DC 10k, 2200$
  9. I'll P.M both of you guys sorry havnt been on In a couple of days
  10. Sorry guys I put up prices .. It's justd hard to let this stuff go if you know what I meen haha
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