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  1. whip it out and show them the anaconda.You have a pet snake, correct? Or is that some other goat avatar fucker? No I don't bahaha. Would be good to break the ice though lol.It's like I see a cute chick in class or something and the only time I'm won't be shy is if they talk to me first lol. Sounds stupid don't it. I just want to be like your cute got a number but then I am just to shy to ask... I'm the same. Perfect example, I see a cute girl and I can't even say hi. But, girl talks to me? I have no problem talking. Even asked me for my number, gave it with no problem. But when I start the conversation? I'm lucky to get 2 responses cause no idea what to say and it's just pure awkwardness Just start off like hey what's up, than ease in and tell her your into D/S relationships and nipple tassels
  2. i've gotten drunk many times and burnt many a cigarette holes in mine I need some more
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Should be using test tones , I guess the shops doing it not me , I not near home
  6. And all RCA are the same no difference in signal from a coat hanger to mos expensive rca
  7. iPad as h/u and Jl cl-rlc line driver , maybe could run through the bit one
  8. I had a dd-1 but the shops setting with N is cope , i just don't think only 1/4 gain is where the 10k starts to clip,
  9. So is it alright to leave it where it shows an in lipped signal even if it hums? Otherwise humming stops at a little over 1/4 gain which doesn't seem right
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