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  1. I'd take 5-10 minutes out of my lunch break and give them a call. Or just send an e-mail and see what you get. They'll get things right.
  2. Why not e-mail or call them and ask instead of posting here?? Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, someone else ordered one of the same things that you did close to the same time you did and an employee grabbed it and put it with their order before someone could grab it and put it in along with yours and they're waiting for a delivery of something that you ordered? Crazier things have happened....
  3. You wanna buy my ride, than tell me it's gonna be 3 weeks before you can get the money?? FUCK THAT You wanna buy my ride then get pissy when I tell you that your brother offered me more money already?? FUCK THAT You wanna have a fucking party til 5 AM while I'm trying to sleep cause I'm sick?? FUCK THAT You wanna tell me I'm lazy yet I'm in college full time and you have no job and ask me to borrow money?? FUCK THAT You wanna complain cause I said I'm moving out because you have no job, nor does the other roommate, and you're not gonna be able to cover the rent yourself?? FUCK THAT
  4. I'm actually selling it, haha. I had a jeep, sold it and took a bike as a partial trade, then traded the bike for a bagged Blazer, then traded the Blazer for this. I'm going to school full time now, so I need the extra money. It's def a lil rough around the edges, but anyone can tell it's not finished.
  5. It has a recently rebuilt Z24 4 cylinder engine, 5 speed transmission. It's fully airbagged all the way around with dominator bags on the rear and passenger side. The drivers side has a Slam Specialties RE-7 bag because one blew and that one was a spare at the shop. It's got a Viair 380 compressor with 5 gallon tank, 3/8 inch air lines, Blitzluft valves, custom back half frame w/ 4-link. The dash is a fiberglass 59 Chevy Biscayne replica cut to fit the Nissan. The shifter is 3 feet of wrought iron with a dummy grenade mounted on top. It's also got 165Db train horns. It's got a lexan windshield with a 4 inch chop and the windows are capped off and welded shut. It's a full time roadster with no top. The whole bed is sealed and welded around the tailgate, but does have a removable flush mount tonneau cover. Here's some pics....lemme know what you think.
  6. Thanks man. I've been kinda cruisin around on here randomly for about the last month or so. Just had nothing to post about, lol. I had surgery tuesday morning so I'm still in recovery for a few weeks.
  7. This is my 87 Blazer that I traded an 06 Kawasaki Ninja 636 straight up for. The suspension: Air Zenith Compressor, 5 gallon four port tank, air/water seperator, Slam Specialties RE7 bags up front. Inner fenderwells are removed along with the A/C and heater. The rear has 5 inch blocks right now til I get the money together to 4-link the rear with all the goodies to make it pretty. The mods: Billet phantom grill with polished outer section, clear corners, blue H-4 headlights, 2-inch steel cowl induction hood, shaved door handles, body line, roof rack, tail skin, and Caddy tail lights. Brown, , leather seats from a Camaro, brown carpet and door panels from a wrecked truck and a dash that looks like it puked wires everywhere. Also has 17 inch Billet Specialties rims with mix and match tires that are all the same size, just different makes. The motor: It's got a 91 4.3 Vortec motor with TBI (shitty) and a 700R-4 transmission from the same truck. The audio: It's got a 2 1/2 inch Flowmaster exhaust that dumps just before the rear axle and an air compressor. I wouldn't hear a stereo anyways, lol. The truck needs a lot of work to be finished, but it's drivable now and I enjoy playin with it almost daily...kinda like mah pecker....lol.
  8. How bout this......you wanna cheat while I'm at work, get pregnant, tell me it's mine, cheat again while I'm at work, get divorced, and then finally come clean about the kid not being mine, but still want money from me......FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Its been a while but its good to see ure back!

  10. I'm finally got back on this thing....so I figured I'd make my first post in a few months count for something.....I voted for basshead.
  11. We miss you up on here dude! I hope you're doing alright! -Peace

  12. thanks guys....I'm out looking for a job daily now....so til then I won't be on here too much...again....but once my life FINALLY calms down some...I'll be back like old times. But at least I'm back now, LoL.
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