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  1. coil looks and feels round compared to my dc level 4 coil. so that means its the xmax one?
  2. im cool with the d2. thats what i wanted. u can see the only writing on the coil in the pic.
  3. long time no see! so i just picked up this btl. guy said he had it for 2 weeks before it stopped working (sat in room for 2 years). i tested it with a dmm, and no reading on either coil. first thing i noticed was movement in the sub. between the motor and the basket. picked it up anyway. now, how could there be a gap there? only thing i can think of is that the screws backed out. only way to access them is to rip the sprider up. i read somewhere that threadlocker is recommended on them. there wasnt any. coil is completely demolished, and i can only imagine it being from the movement of the motor. i cleaned the gap out, now waiting on a recone ($$$$). any word of advice? did fi screw up? hoping that i can salvage it and it takes a recone. another thing, how do i tell if i had a flat wound coil, or the xmax one, and if it has the universal option?
  4. Damn sure been a minute since I've been on here, but looking to pick a second one of these up. Let me know if you have one.
  5. sbn sucked last year compared to the 2 years prior. im 45 minutes away, so ill be there. and smd meet.........we always do after the first day somewhere.
  6. where r the other 8k watts going? they wont handle that much lol
  7. ChevyBoy

    Tint Laws

    usually windows have a tint in them from the factory. my 15 tested as 10.
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