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  1. It looks too big. Try this one out: 35Hz 35" X 27.75" X 14"
  2. That is correct, Also the port length is not from wall it's from furthest edge of sub Bu I like to use the centre of sub Secondly 1 sub is going to unload more then the other due to firing down the port And there's no port restriction to, normal you'll build you the wall with another 3/4 to assist is pressure differences, making it a more free flowing box But all this in a perfict world, witch we are not I don't think you'll notice it to much sq wish and I will still sound good Just keep the power low and you'll be fine 1st TLine, Thanks for the input, I will keep that in mind if I build another down the road. What do you mean when you say port restriction?
  3. .75" Baltic Birch Dry Fit: Used a pocket hole jig on the port walls. Used 13" pieces of wood to lock in the port dimensions. 45's in Added Dowels and Painted the port. Tested some bed liner spray paint. Works OK but I think i will go with roll on bed liner. Rounded over all my edges. This is where I stand right now. Waiting on speaker wire before I finish painting.
  4. it is the center of the back sub to the wall. I used the the center of the sub cutout and measured to the wall. I knew because someone on this forum told me to end the line that way. It is on one of the last 2 pages.
  5. Check this out. I just went through my process on how i built my box. posted a bunch of pictures as reference. I am learning as I go along. we will see what happens. My Box build
  6. I don’t know much about much but this is how I do it. Hopefully I’m not too far off. You can search the web and Find out the scientific explanations if you like. I like to do dumb it down a bit when I do it! This helped me a lot and hopefully it will help out others as well. Get the Specs of your sub off the internet if you do not have them handy The tuning and port length is a simple math equation. Divide 1130 by the FS of your sub divide that by 4 and then multiply it by 12. Or: 1130 / FS / 4 * 12 = port length in inches. Here is the math on a lot of common frequencies rounded to the nearest quarter inch: 20hz = 169.5” 22hz = 154” 24hz = 141.25” 26hz = 130.5” 28hz = 121” 30hz = 113” 32hz = 106” 33hz = 102.75” 34hz = 99.75” 35hz = 97” 36hz = 94.25” 37hz = 91.5” 38hz = 89.25” 39hz = 87” 40hz = 84.75” You should choose Tuning right around the FS of your sub. PORT AREA: For Port area you can measure and do a bunch of math. Or you could us this handy Cone area of a subwoofer Chart that someone on here pointed me to! Figure out what you are working with. Rounding the numbers makes the dimensions easier to work with later on. Two 12" = 226.19, I round to 200 So Two 12” subs needs an internal port of 10”x20” or 12.5”x16” or 8”x25” can be whatever you want as long as the length times width equals 200 and the port has enough depth for the sub to mount. If you are firing subs and port back measure your max box height and subtract 1.5” if you are firing subs and port up measure your max box depth and subtract 1.5” that number you end up with is the max height of the port. Max box height is 21.5”? Subtract 1.5 and 20” is your max port height. 20”x10”= 200” If I am wrong don't murder me. I’m using the box I am building as reference. My enclosures max dimensions are: 60”Wide 30”Tall 17”Deep 2 Fi BL 12” Specs: Fs: 35.2 Hz rounded down to 35 Qms: 4.68 Qes: .25 Qts: .24 Sub OD: 12.5” Cut ID: 11.125” Mounting depth: 6.75” Mounting depth is 6.75 so the port has to be at least 6.75 wide Port Length: 1130/FS/4*12 = port length in inches. So I got 1130/35/4*12 = 97 inches Port Size: I used THIS chart for cone area. 2 12’s have 200” of area. The internal area of the port has to be around 200” So height X width = 200” 15.5*13= 201.5" So a box for my 12’s tuned to 35hz needs a 97” long port that is 13” wide by 15.5” tall. Box using my max Dimensions I lay out my port. I am using a double baffle since my subs will be firing up. I start the port on the right and add the port width measurements of 13” The height is going to be the port widths + the Wood 1.5+13+.75+13+.75 = 29” So I know my box will be 29” tall. Now I draw a line down center of the port. I am looking for the length of the right side up to the dotted line and the left side. First measurements are 21.75” 7.25” and 13.75” 21.75+13.75+7.25= 42.75” My port needs to be 97” 97-42.75= 54.25 I need 54.25” more of port length. The port will end at the center of the rear sub which is 6.25” from the wall 6.25+54.25= 60.5 divide that by 2= 60.5/2= 30.25” each length will need to be 30.25” long Add your port lines up 21.75+7.25+30.25+13.75+24= 97” Measure 6.5” from center of the left and right of the center line to get the final left side width. You end up with a box that is 52”x29” with 97” of port. Raise the port walls to 15.5” add the front and back of the box and you get 17” deep Final dimensions are 52”x29”x17” For the 45’s I measured in 13” and 13.75” from the corners and made a 45 degree lines Measure my Cutouts for my Baffle: Added a few 1” dowels Final: Cut Sheet
  7. Right around 36hz 50" X 27.25" X 17.5" E12 Cutout: Outside Diameter: 12 1/4" Depth : 6 1/2" Cut-Out: 11 3/16" Will take 2 4'X8' sheets of wood:
  8. Do you want it to be as big as your dimensions? whats more important to you the height or the width? you want the subs up or forward? I am new to this but I think I have a ok grasp. I need the practice on Sketch up.
  9. Made new one for 2 10's if anyone is interested:
  10. I'm only asking questions because I don't know the answers to them. why do the manufacturer put incorrect specs on a sub? You obv know what you are talking about and I am going with your suggestions but 200 to 150 is a big jump
  11. Should I go by the average or the specs from the site?
  12. Thanks! now can anyone show me how to draw 45 degree angles on sketch up i cant figure it out.
  13. After reading this thread for 3 days I think I got it! How am I looking? 2 12" woofers, 30Hz tuning 1130 / 30 = 37.66 37.66 / 4 = 9.41' 9.41' X 12" = 112.92" round up to 113" SD = 150 internal port dimensions 15.75" X 9.5" = 149.625" I am needing a 15.75" X 9.5" port that is 113" long right? I can make the line it any way i want as long as i keep the internal port dimensions constant correct? The port length goes from wall next to subs to port opening right?
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