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  1. Haha, you got it Steve. Vids and pics coming as soon as we get the 2nd amp in.
  2. Thanks man! See you soon...we definitely should do dinner or something!
  3. I have about 30 hours in this box, I could have done it quicker but sanding the inside to have no screw holes or imperfections ending up being a little time consuming than I had hoped, it doesn't help trying to be a perfectionist:)
  4. Just got it up and playing today on a single T1500 @ 2ohms...waiting on the second one to really give it the power it needs. Got down with authority all the way to 28hz as is.
  5. Got the opportunity to go a little overboard and build this unique enclosure for a long time friend of mine DC Audio XL M2 15 with carbon fiber dust cap and direct leads SMD heavy duty speaker terminal with custom painted logo Kerfed-port enclosure with fully painted interior and acrylic viewing window Multicolor RGB LED lights 3D raised DC logo with black acrylic overlay Soon to be powered by 2 Rockford Fosgate T1500's in a Jeep Cherokee
  6. Thanks for the post Steve! Getting in the mag is an amazing honor for me to say the least but hanging out with the the entire crew at Rockford during the photo shoot.... that just put it over the top. Once in a lifetime experience for me.
  7. Thanks for throwing me in guys. I do have a HUGE build log coming for my Tahoe....I guess it's longggg overdue tho:)
  8. Wow impressive, gonna be hard to do work with that thing lookin at ya all day
  9. Absolutely loving this setup so far. The comp this weekend will be the real test tho
  10. Sure wish you could make it to the show this weekend Kyle, I need another demo from you man, I saw those dual alts you been working on....looking good.
  11. Autorama was such a blast!! Even tho the cops showed up it was a free-for-all to demo all day. Definately great times.