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  1. thank you! i was trying to do it as cleanly as possible. almost like my lil vibe came with an 18" from the factory lol
  2. the 15" set-up took most of my cargo area anyways and i kinda wanted a cleaner set-up so after one month of the having the T2000 15" i decided to switch it up. new sub....another single T2000 hehehhee new birch enclosure. 4.15 cu ft and tuned to 34hz the 15" with a 3.5 cu ft box tuned to 36hz did 143.5 and this 18" did 144.3 10 minutes after install with the sub barely moving. i will re-meter next week once it loosens up and see what she does.
  3. Met up with my buddy Mike the other day to get a few shots of his car with the new suspension/wheel set-up. for desktop wallpapers and a full mod list check out my latest blog post on his car here.... http://chadbeephotography.com/blog/2011/02/01/a-few-shots-of-mikeps-evo-ix-rs/ 1 2 3 4
  4. past 3 cars ive had were rocking black or black polished lip wheels. plus black is just so ordinary these days, i want something different. ah man, nobody is gonna look at it in here. the topic of this thread is not photoshop, im not showing off or needing a photoshop done. if ya gotta move it then it should go in the wheels/tires section
  5. i saw this the other day and LOL'd so hard i wanna go meet up with him, let him hear my shit and then try to sell it to him for 5 grand hahahha
  6. trying to decide on a color for wheels for my car. hoping to buy a set middle/end of summer. im not into big heavy chrome wheels, i am aware my car is by no means a race car but it also isnt a box chevy hahaha i prefer light weight forged wheels on my cars. i used the same set(Volk TE37) for all three here but this is more about the color scheme than the wheels themselfs. 1. white 2. takata green 3. gold i really like the white, a lot....but im worried about brake dust and keeping them clean. i also like the takata green, its so ugly i like it hahaha but it is very in your face which can be a good and bad thing. i also like the gold, its very clean but could be considered bland as well. vote tell which you like the most
  7. Im gonna be the odd guy out of the crown and say go with the lvl5 15". Reason being it's always fun to shock people with it being just one single woofer.
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