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  1. Over in CACO Don H (iirc) builds boxes and he's in so cal.
  2. -___- haha thanks rusty for the demo man enjoyed chillin with you and rob Swear though it felt like someone was like punching my throat and chest ha! Cant wait to install my 10" 4m2 that i picked up
  3. Price on 2 8"m2s 2 12" lvl3s 1 10" and 12" lvl4m2 89431 rusty hasnt answers so can i get a quote?
  4. Oh damnnn how did i miss this?! I will be picking up a 10 or 12" lvl4!!! Cant wait!
  5. Looks good, not hating but i hope this vid isn't doing it justice because i expected more from 6 12's
  6. Rf t3000bd 560+ shipp pm if interested.
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