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  1. I did . On one of my other presets I have the midrange bandpassed at 300hz - 6000hz using the Linkowitz-Riley crossovers set 24db. The Tweeter is set to 6000hz - 20K at 12db. I was just following the passive crossover settings from HA Audio for the same speakers I own. I have yet to play with a the trim settings.
  2. Okay guys, here is what I have so far. I ordered an IASCA CD 2 disc set a few days ago to help with the tuning process. I couldn't find my old USACI one from back in the day? I created a couple of presets with the TWK 88, one of them I used the recommended values suggested by JL Audio for a 4 way set up. It sounds okay, I haven't put it on a RTA yet, tweeters are bright, midrange is awesome, I dont care for the midbass yet... I was able to input all the speaker distances into the dsp, I didnt really notice a difference, looking to get the vocals centered coming form the dash. This DSP has tons of features that will take a while to play with.
  3. okay, so everything is in, and playing. Lots of work to do now to get the levels right.
  4. I will check out your link for some more SQ Knowledge! Thank you Sir!
  5. I believe you are absolutely correct Sir!
  6. For sure, I am trying to read and understand as much as I can. I also used to compete in SPL competitions way back in the day. This is my first attempt to have a decent front stage in any one of my vehicles. I am used to to slapping a few sets of components in my ride and being done with it. Never being concerned, staging, clarity or imaging. As a basshhead, well you can guess its all about the bass! I am a little older now and want to refine the system I have. As far as tuning by ear, I can say that was fine if that was all that was available back when. I guess I had a bad experience before in the past where a shop tuned my system by "EAR" and did a lousy job! I had my vehicle put on an RTA at another shop because I didn't sound right to me at all, turns out two out of the four mid bass woofers I was running were out of phase and the RTA looked horribly crooked once pink noise was played through the system. The shop did some adjustments got me a nice flat response on the RTA , fixed my out of phase woofers and the difference was amazing. I don't trust peoples ears, I need measurable, verifiable data.
  7. Well, I am trying to use my existing equipment. I already have the Hybrid Audio gear installed, I know the crossover recommendations HA suggests for these speakers... So I guess after I choose my amplifier and dsp combo, I will have to do my own tuning. I just hope nothing goes wrong.
  8. problem is, there aren't a lot of shops around my area that can really help. As soon as I walk in and mention active setup, they begin to stutter and start sweating? The last shop I went to said they could install a 6 channel, but if i wanted to use a DSP they could sell me one, but they would have call somebody else to tune the it ? All the while saying we are authorized dealers for (Brand A, or Brand Z ) How do you become an authorized dealer and NOT know how to operate the products you sell? I asked how they tune all the other cars they work on? The reply I got was, we tune by ear! Heck I could do that, what the heck I am here for then??? I asked if they used an RTA, an O-Scope, DD-1, They said no we don't? The problem is this has happened to me at least three shops local to me.
  9. Looks like i still have a ton of research to do. I didn't realize a three way active setup was so detailed.
  10. I might have to, very impressive stuff! Thank you for the recommendation.
  11. For sure, the tweeters have an inline cap installed to prevent any accidents. Just checked out the Stevens Audio mb6's, man those look fantastic! I would love to hear some of them. I going to see if anyone in my area is a dealer.
  12. I understand its overkill, if i decided to go that route, gain would be turned down for sure. I liked it the Arc X2 because it had a ton of crossover options, LP, HP, AP, and its on 13 inches long . Which fits under the seat .I would pair this with a DSP and gain the ability to use time alignment. I really only need a few settings, I would like a driver side setting, passenger side setting, and maybe an all FLAT setting.
  13. The Arc Audio amp I was looking at is a class D. Its the X2 1200.6 model
  14. True, I guess that's the next evolution in amplifiers? JL, Helix, Arc Audio Audio-control all have some
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