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  1. Hey there Gentleman, I am about to switch up my substage...again. Has anyone in here done any 18s in a ported enclosure in an 07-13 Suburban, behind the third row?? Its my daily so I absolutely cannot take out the third row... I read that the DC Level 3 18s will work in a sealed enclosure, which I am open to, but I know ported will be louder. I don't compete anymore, but im still a basshead in my heart! What do y'all think?
  2. Appreciate the insight Sir, I just checked on the Pioneer website and it says I have 4 volt preouts, is that going to be an issue since the AD DSP has a max of 2.5v? If so how do I get around this?
  3. I though that could be done, I appreciate the input Sir!
  4. Hey there guys, I was curious if anyone here has messed around with the new Audio Dynamics DSP yet? I looking to build an active three way setup for my suburban with AD Components. The only thing that was confusing to me according to the Audio Dynamics website are the inputs? There are only two rca inputs? I have access to a four and six channel amp not sure how to make the proper connections. Any ideas?
  5. Just had mine installed two weeks ago, and it's doing a little bit of everything described above, ready to toss it in the garbage! $650 bucks for what?!?
  6. Great question, I just really recently got and 360.3 installed and was wondering the same thing? I don't have an RTA and a mic to play pink noise and tune, so any help or suggestions are welcome.
  7. So here are my MAX dimensions, 48 W x 16 H x 7 Bottom Depth 3in Top depth .
  8. I know the P2;s will fit, just barely but they will fit. Mounting depth is believe is 4.75 inches, i have 7 inches to play with.
  9. im going to be running an RF 1000 for power, so around 250 watts each.
  10. 4 Dual 4 ohm subs can't be wired to 1 ohm. Correct, Sir My mistake, the subs are RF P2'S dual 2's.
  11. So I guess the part that's confusing the heck out of me is subwoofer displacement, under that category the RF website says 0.00?? Per woofer?
  12. I'm trying to figure out what size the enclosure should be for a sealed enclosure running four woofers, RF website says .30 per sub, so .30 x 4=1.2 cubic ft right?
  13. I'm just a little confused guys,the RF Box advisor says 1.2 cubic ft sealed? Is that right? That seems tiny to me? Did I miss something, or is that before sub displacement?
  14. I have a bench seat. :/ But ive been scanning craigslist for some bucket seats for a while now. I appreciate the suggestion, I failed to mention that earlier. Sorry about that
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