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  1. my bxi1610d was pretty good it got the job done for me and I ran it at one ohm right out the box for over a year until I sold it
  2. If you know how to build a good ported box do it if not go sealed u cant go wrong sealed imo
  3. Just want to know if audiopipe amps are any good if so which line(s) like ap or aqx etc. would be worth the money
  4. thank you for helping and not being an ahole
  5. So... can somebody help me wit my lil situation
  6. 4 of them are in the front and the other 2 are in the back for my passengers and how would the crossovers help because the problem that im seeing is the tweeters getting overpowered and the speakers being underpowered but if all I can do is get a third amp for the tweeters then i gets thats it
  7. ok so i should get a third amp for the tweeters or what
  8. Ok its 2 6.5's and 2 6x9's and 6 tweeters all 4ohms. Would it be ok if I ran the speakers off a amp and the tweeters off the deck because the tweeters are 20 watts the 6.5's are 50 watts and the 6x9's are 80 watts a piece
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