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  1. lol im a Lude man myself sold my 98 last year have been regreting it ever since :(

  2. ^ i hear that new em is ok but nothing can top the classics
  3. Thats what im talking about Optimus Prime voice lol
  4. nope but i know the songs you put up with your posts kick mad ass lol
  5. idk if this is a response but ok lolz
  6. I know Steve said in one of his videos he doesnt like it but I cant seem to stop listening to it....
  7. Needs a new car

    1. EclipseChris


      WOOT WOOT for 302uning being on SMD!

  8. By that i mean the butt naked hos or course!
  9. Coverage? Por favor?
  10. 302uning

    Greenville, NC

    sweet might have to hit that one up
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