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  1. I see this guy trolling on like 2-3 threads a day.
  2. "That's Why all my bitches bad they see this crazy life I have."

  3. Work.... 130-10... Yay...

    1. n8ball2013


      ive been working since 8 pm last night with two hours of sleep. i win

  4. im bringin it back "Off Top" Nugga

  5. Hot Pastrami from creekside deli how I missed you

  6. Bongs, Bomb and Blunts Lets get lit!

    1. B Slaps

      B Slaps

      puff puff pass nikka

    2. B Slaps

      B Slaps

      puff puff pass nikka

  7. To the sco to the san Ho back to the slovato...

  8. 9-6 on that paper chase

  9. Fml fell like shit and got work...

  10. I'm going to go push Williams off the goldengate then jump off myself

  11. Brady throwing interceptions

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