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  1. What’s goin on krusty, long time no see. I️ haven’t seen that Camaro yet either. Holla at a playa

  2. Atleast your dog didn't eat it. Fuckers tore up my chrome book. Dam pitbulls
  3. Dumbass...... should of had a sealed box. Dog smelled that shit immediately. What's up with the saran wrap p's. Wtf is this the 70's.
  4. i got a car loan for $20k but for straight up cash i was only able to get approved for $4k. my credit score is 775. probably 800 by now
  5. great seller. item exactly as described. showed up at ups warehouse 730 pm friday. dosent get shipped til monday ???? not his fault at all. ups FTL. would buy again. thanks
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