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  1. What’s goin on krusty, long time no see. I️ haven’t seen that Camaro yet either. Holla at a playa

  2. Just got iphone7 2 days ago. Way better than the s6 I traded it for
  3. Atleast your dog didn't eat it. Fuckers tore up my chrome book. Dam pitbulls
  4. Dumbass...... should of had a sealed box. Dog smelled that shit immediately. What's up with the saran wrap p's. Wtf is this the 70's.
  5. Nice. Rims cant faze that thing. Good shit bro
  6. im gonna try and change my name to just B Slaps so it dosent fuck everyones chat room names anymore. your welcome guys
  7. Nice #s with single woof. Especially 10" and 12". Impressive
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