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  1. I don’t watch any of the nutnfancy videos. I just think he’s a shill for who pays him to say nice things. You’d have to define affordable to me
  2. I’ve got a jmpro I used for three gun. It ran like shit. I shoot s Benelli m2 now. It runs and runs. If I was looking at a shotgun right now it would be a benelli or a moss berg pump gun. Fucking Remington is jacking everything up. I do owns. 12 inch 870 though
  3. My next can is a 50bmg can. My 338 can should clear shortly. I think next monthish. I’ve spent a small fortune over the last six months
  4. I won’t lie. I’ve been eyeballing the rimfire. I’ve put myself on time out for a bit though.
  5. Rolex you you you bought a rpr? I’m shocked st that. Its a decent gun for sure. All my buddies have one. It’s why I went with the tikka. I wish you were closer we’d have a good fucking time as for how much ammo. Not as much as I have in components. Powder and primers. You’d shit if you saw my gun room
  6. Because a lot of people believe in the right to self defense and don’t think they should have to retreat in order to be able to protect yourself in a life or death situation.
  7. The stand your ground law has a good premise but this isn’t a stand your ground law in my opinion. He started the whole thing. That makes you the aggressor. Evidently he’s pulled on others and one alleged he shot st him but they never reported it. If they had they would have yanked his carry license and this is a moot point because he wouldn’t have killed him. I am a supporter of castle doctrine and stand your ground and still think he shouldn’t be able to use it.
  8. The black one. It’s got a dash cam but you can’t see it and since I hit the guy in front of me I’m more than likely at fault.
  9. Not bad. Just the front bumper and tow hook but it’s a Denali bumper so it’ll be like three rand or so. The other guy was his rear bumper
  10. Rear ended someone today in the truck because someone in front of them decided to stop and let someone pull out of a driveway in the middle of the block
  11. Need to get your hands on a shadow 2 now https://imgur.com/gallery/EtR6WTD