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  1. Who cares if you “need” 5gig. You want it you get it. I’d shank my mother for that kind of infrastructure.
  2. I was looking at a fun ride but the deal they cut me on a new denali was stupid. I’ll just settle for the 6.2 in this. Lol
  3. I check it fairly often. I’ve noticed they aren’t fool proof that’s for sure.
  4. Me too but my stock is a lot nicer now than it ever was. Still have ole red but it hasn’t been driven hardly at all in the last several years. Been through a lot
  5. You know when you said caddy I thought of chickens. Then I remembered you’ve got one too.
  6. I’ve become a massive beer snob.
  7. It was probably bittersweet to take those 28s off and go back to stock wheels. But only for a second. That bitch is gonna scoot
  8. I want to see some videos of this thing. That’s how it should leave the factory. That little fucker must rip.
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