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  1. I looked at the salvo. I backed away because it's big expensive and really not that quiet I backed off because of that. I'm starting to get the class 3 bug again. Just not sure what
  2. It was time for a new one. 10.5 iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. I need to get the Smart Cover with keyboard for it next
  3. I've got the new gun bug again sigh. Was thinking of a cz or something. What I should be doing is loading ammo and not being so lazy.
  4. So the other day my gun club Had an open house to show off what we do there. Since I'm a match director they had me set up a demo stage for three gun and uspsa and run demos throughout the day. There is also a guy behind the club who always complains about the noise. Yeah moved in to an area with a gun range next door. He's always trying to get it shut down and has been kicked off the grounds. Evidently he went to the township and complained saying we were shooting full autos and all kinds of things. Full auto is legal in pa btw. He didn't like that they told him to pound sand yet again so he's going to the local paper. My full auto trigger finger is gonna be local famous!
  5. I have home and car note. Which are still below what a lot of people are paying for a home. I could go the no car note route but I really like getting a high end car every couple yesrs
  6. Or the girl with her hand in her pants
  7. I almost got the lite but held off I got bit by the slide release and that was it for me
  8. Got some trigger time in on the razor and what a great addition. My three gun rifle is stupid fast now. Only thing I may change is the brake its a little bright
  9. Suppose I should get this inspected
  10. There are designs all over the place.
  11. It won't. Because there is still too much personal judgement within it.
  12. I think you'll be fine. You don't drive it every day or anything either.