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  1. n8ball2013

    Proper password practices

    Lol you should have seen the day I had the back and forth with a project manager who thought he had a mic drop email. Signed it project manager name, pmp. Challenge accepted sparky!!!! Email change ended
  2. I’ll see your grip module and raise you....... a CZ Shadow 2 https://grabagun.com/cz-usa-91255-cz-shadow-2-9mm-grey.html
  3. n8ball2013

    Proper password practices

    I’m always looking. Relocation required? I’m in the it security field but I’m at a point now where I’m looking at assistant director roles and things like that. Building policy and road mapping and not chasing threats and what not. I’m 18 years in so it’s the road to the ciso. Ive got a bachelor of science in information security cissp ccsp ccsk net+ sec+ itil v3 foundation and I have a feeling that I’ll be chasing my cism here towards the fall.
  4. n8ball2013

    Proper password practices

    I’ve got some pretty good stories around this stuff. I’ll wait for someone to doubt my creds now.
  5. n8ball2013

    Proper password practices

    First things. Consider any password you have compromised. Use a password generator and a password vault. Keepass js what I use at work. I’ve also used password safe. Anything that encrypts at aes256 or higher is going to be fine. Avoid anything with one login and never reuse passwords Theres nothing wrong with a safe. Two is better. One half of the password in each. Multifactor anywhere you can. Look into companies that will let you set up or use multifactor. PayPal actually does it. Biometrics good. It’s hard to fake who you are. Security questions. Handle them the same way. Vault them. Make the values to be bullshit. If your first car was a Honda Accord your answer is Ford Fiesta. All that personal information has been collected and can be used. dont put shit on line. All that can be used to fingerprint you and collect data that can be used to steal your stuff. Did I mention multifactor yet? Passwords don’t need to be complex as much as they need to be long. The key is to increase work factor. If your work factor for 8 characters is 101^8 (101 possible characters per character) just by doubling that password you’ve increased the work factor by double and enable compensating controls to kick in. Did I mention all your passwords in use are compromised?
  6. n8ball2013

    Proper password practices

    How serious are you if so I can put together some stuff. I may know a thing or two
  7. Good to see he hasn’t grown up in ten years. He’s been shitting on anyone that isn’t him for at least that long.
  8. No pics yet but I just bought an alpine Ute-62bt for the truck. The 9887 has served its purpose
  9. I’m around. I just don’t post much. My hobbies have started to evolve into other areas and not nearly as much on the audio side. My audio rig needs a major makeover. Rust issues are starting to surface and buying he Denali really limits my drive time with it. Ive gotten heavier into the firearms side and the little one is getting bigger so her hobbies and what not have started to take center stage. im always reading. Just haven’t kept up with the audio stuff and my knowledge hasn’t wxpanded much.
  10. Ahhh the days of deskside support. No thanks. Lol
  11. You know when you said caddy I thought of chickens. Then I remembered you’ve got one too.
  12. n8ball2013

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    I’ve become a massive beer snob.
  13. Where did you order from. My turd daily has ugly bulbs and that just annoys me
  14. Lol just a generalization. It seems to be the way we live nowadays. You know. I identify as a three headed unicorn. Hey buddy. You only got one head. Fuck you im a three headed unicorn you bigot