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  1. Yeah man. A lot of hours spent tweaking and building that thing. Blood sweat tears isn’t just a saying. But life moves on and I’ve got a lot of new hobbies and things that take up time. Plus the daily driver makes it really hard to jump in something that just rides like a wagon. I’ll admit I teared up a bit watching it roll away.
  2. For the first time since 1999 I no longer have a system in a vehicle. Sold the red truck this weekend. Bittersweet for me. The guy who bought it was pumped and has every intention of a full restore so at least it went to good hands. I do happen to have a glut of high end subs and amps now. I may list them for my SMD brethren and if you’re local enough to pick up may find a smoking deal.
  3. I was looking at a fun ride but the deal they cut me on a new denali was stupid. I’ll just settle for the 6.2 in this. Lol
  4. I check it fairly often. I’ve noticed they aren’t fool proof that’s for sure.
  5. Me too but my stock is a lot nicer now than it ever was. Still have ole red but it hasn’t been driven hardly at all in the last several years. Been through a lot
  6. If you’re not shooting prs or anything don’t be afraid to look into the newest chassis guns. I hate to say it but the ruger precision’s shoot. I’ve got a tikka tac a1 that is unreal accurate as well and it’s not me
  7. Kimber has really fallen off. So many options out there in this space don’t limit yourself on the rep of old
  8. Right now I have everything I want. I got the 50. I got the 338. I got enough ars in multiple calibers. The problem is range trips end up shooting the same guns every time out. if you had to twist my arm it would probably be something along the lines of an atlas titan. I think my next purchase is going to be night vision
  9. Life has a funny way of throwing you a curveball. Let’s just say it’s been a very trying few years for me.
  10. Been a long while since I’ve posted here. Life. What can you say. But I traded in my old Sierra Denali for a new one. 2020 Ultimate in carbon black metallic.
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