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  1. Yeah. Really happy with the way the rail and stock patterns matched. It’s one of the better looking guns I’ve put together.
  2. I’ve got s yankee hill as well. It’s not the quietest but it’s quiet. And all the things already said. My gemtech I had to send back to have it busted apart because it was carbon fouled solid. They got it apart and then gave me a new core because I fucked mine up. Im looking at a 338 can next I think. Either that or a 5.56. And a 22.
  3. My 300blk is suppressed only though. I’d do another one but all I load is subs
  4. I’m not even finished with my current build and I’m plotting my next. Gonna do a 10.5 barrel fortis night rail and the sparks barking spider break. Should look mean as fuck.
  5. For that I’d pick a single stage. My three gun rifle has a single stage with a flat blade. It’s the geisselle super dynamic enhanced or three gun. For my more accurate guns it’s two stage you can still shoot plenty accurate with the single stage though. My three gun rifle is submoa all day. if you want a really really fast trigger it’s the hiperfire 24c or elftman match.
  6. Oh and I’m building another ar again. Mega receivers vltor rifle stock geissle ssa-e trigger Nib bolt bcm charging handle magpul grip criterion barrel ysnkee Hill can adapter Aero mount and a vortex pst 2.5x10
  7. Great googly mooogly I’m pretty jealous. It’s about time to jump back into the nfa game
  8. I swear the second you pay for anything from Home Depot and Lowe’s that is plank like and you get it to the truck they warp in the parking lot