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  1. We’re going to look at a new house tonight too. Tell me about it. I’m not a ridiculous spender. I just try not to look lol
  2. So one of my best friends just finished his final atf visit before getting his ffl. Please pray for me.
  3. When they pulled that shit I was done with them.
  4. It was probably bittersweet to take those 28s off and go back to stock wheels. But only for a second. That bitch is gonna scoot
  5. https://www.silencershop.com/sig-sauer-srd338ti-qd.html Walks away whistling
  6. I’m wondering if anything is left I. Philly this morning
  7. I enjoy the 10/22. It’s the cheapest on my list by far. I’ll end up with another eventually but once my mask comes out of jail it’ll be more appealing. I’ve got 1k available fairly close and several others that go 400 600 800 since it’ll be Jersey and New York complaint I’m really crushing on the tikka but I’ve been crushing on a. 50 for a long time too
  8. Flame throwers terrify me. Ok so new gun time cz shadow 2 ruger 10/22 magpul backpacker with tacsol sbx barrel Chassis bolt gun such as the tikka t3x tac or Bergera b14bmp in 6.5 creed or buy nothing this year and save for a 50 could also do a 338 can
  9. Doing someone else’s job. My junior analyst days were supposed to be over when I slapped on the manager tag. Someone is really going to be butt hurt when I finish this piece that they’ve got months into and I picked up two days ago.
  10. I had Thai food for lunch yesterday it’s fucking killing me still.
  11. The discretion’s are really nice. Great looking pieces. The nfa thread on reddit is so in love with dead air it’s not even funny. Someone asks what the best can is and it’s dead air end thread lol. Of course there is reason for it and it’s part of why I picked the mask for my 22 can. If I didn’t already have a 30 cal can I would have jumped on a sandman. You have a can on your 338s? I’m looking at the Gemtech arrow for mine.
  12. Best the 41p/f or whatever they are calling it? Did everything come back yet or are you still waiting. I’m sure you probably know it but both Gemtech and silencerco have Leo programs. Prices looked really good through them.
  13. I drive the New York State thruway everyday. 95 would get you lapped by some of these retards. I need a dash cam for my commuter
  14. So I’ve been completely new gun purchasing free since October. One of my buddies was talking shit about how I buys. New gunevery month or more and I had to correct him on it. I’ve tuned up a bunch of my ar15s and bought two suppressors though but not guns. Technicalities. Lol