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  1. trip down memory lane. Was just sharing this with a friend of mine
  2. I’ve got a tailhook on a pistol lower. It’s really sweet actually. I just wish it was a bit shorter. The tube is made just for it and it seems to be longer than normal
  3. What you’re seeing is scope over bore. It’s basically the height difference between barrel and dot. The bullet doesn’t come out flat as most think. It arcs. You’ll find a lot of articles out there on zeroing. 50 and 200 have the same zero in an ar 38 and 300 as well.
  4. So I fixed my wall space issue. And just picked up a 75 lg. It’s stupid how big these things are
  5. I just saw this. I’m around. Busy as hell. Got a lot of life shit going on that is finally settling out. I’m always reading just don’t post much
  6. I just got an owl cam for Christmas. As soon as I get a minute and put it in I’ll update
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