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  1. So I fixed my wall space issue. And just picked up a 75 lg. It’s stupid how big these things are
  2. I just saw this. I’m around. Busy as hell. Got a lot of life shit going on that is finally settling out. I’m always reading just don’t post much
  3. n8ball2013

    Lets chat dash cams

    I just got an owl cam for Christmas. As soon as I get a minute and put it in I’ll update
  4. Not everyone is a hero. Not everyone knows how they’ll react until they have to. I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’m stopping it’s a high risk situation. And at that point I’m not in danger. Using a firearm to protect myself is one thing. It’s another to inject myself into a gunfight where both sides may see me as a threat.
  5. That place is right by me. Lol they are linked to kahr arms through blood relatives. Justin moon owns kahr and lives next door to my buddy
  6. The hybrid isn’t exactly a great can either. Jack of all trades master of none. Try a dedicated 30 cal can.
  7. Kyle that’s a tanfoglio limited pro. The tanfoglio pistols are based off the cz 75 design you see on the shadows. You’ll see quite a few clones because the cz didn’t have patent protection at the time it was designed. As far as quality its its a good gun. I’ve found the tanfoglio to have a bit looser tolerances than the cz s do. But they are on par with them quality wise. I have a tanfoglio stock2 which is very similar to the limited pro and a shadow 2. I thought the shadow fit me better grip wise and I shoot it much better
  8. Lol I’m right there with you. I end up making a day out of it. It’s not a bad thing when the toughest part of your day is decidejng what to take out of the safe
  9. n8ball2013

    Bigger the Port the better!!

    2013 bro. 2013
  10. I often refer to range day as church. Something about throwing the gear in the truck packing some food and drinks and rolling out to some loud quiet. I’ve been known to grill steaks on the range as well