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  1. Mine was a sensor at 300 or so miles then paint flaking off at 10k. Then a bumper sensor going out at 12k oh and then a transmission at 35k or so. Which took six trips to the dealer to diagnose and then there were 0 transmissions available in the country
  2. I hope you have better luck with your genesis than I did with mine.
  3. Moa in the rmr is the size of the dot. Bigger number bigger dot. Ive got a 19 with a dot on it and a canik with a dot. I don’t shoot either of them much. The dot is really hard to get used to
  4. I think I’m buying a new gun today. I have no idea what. But I’m going to do it
  5. I don’t like shotguns. They aren’t fun to me. Word to the wise if you’re doing s semi auto stay away from the moss berg 930.
  6. Lol no. He asked. I just fucked up the quote. But I mean it is really good. Really really really goodp
  7. Honestly if he wasn’t up for the Supreme Court none of this would have happened. It’s political theater at its finest and it really sets a dangerous precedent. If all it takes is one person to accuse you of something and you get crucified then it really isn’t going to be good. I’ve already started changing the way I interact with people because I don’t want to end up competing for a promotion with someone and have something like this come up. Sexual assault is an an awful thing but it shouldn’t be used the way it just was. I also know I’m one hell of a different person now than I was at 22. And it was 14 years not 35.
  8. Collapse your stock a bit. I run mine at about two clicks from fully collapsed. It shortens your balance point. Especially if you want to hang all that stuff off the front. Your elbows are flared out. Roll them in. Get them under the gun. That’s probably your biggest issue. You can try the overhand c clamp but I’m not really a big fan tbh. heres the only picture I have. This is an sbr but you’ll see that everything is under the gun and the stock is super short. Just some little things to take into consideration that may help
  9. Do you shootvwith the stock all the way out or with your face close to the rear of the receiver. Your balance must be off on your stance because that’s not many rounds. My three gun rifle with an 18 barrel and vortex razor hd is easier to hold than that. And it’s not light
  10. How many rounds re you shooting when youre starting to get tired? Thing is if you’re doing an entire magazine without stopping it’s going to make it happen a lot faster. If you’re training for anything ohtehr than a shoot and stand group shooting scenario you should be working movement I. And other stuff.
  11. Some revolversid they’ve been worked over for a better trigger have issues with harder primers. Most become a federal primer only gun. Of course a range gun that’s been rode hard and fired a lot could run into the same issue if the springs are shot. My guess is that it’s due to be tuned up and replace some springs