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  1. It's something for my daughter. When I told the guy I'd take it she was so happy she was jumping up and down.
  2. Now I just need to get a red dot and a new trigger for it. That way she can at least pull the trigger by herself.
  3. Heading to Florida for vacation tomorrow anything I need to see or do while there? We're staying on treasure island so I intent I plant my white ass on a chair somewhere and be fishing or drinking in the sun. Let me know if there is any must see stuff in the area
  4. There are different strengths. That one you're gonna do more than flinch. I've been tased. I'm good
  5. Someone wrote clean me in the dust/haze on my truck. I may fucking kill someone
  6. I hate shooting the mosins they just aren't fun to me. My buddy has one and loves the thing. It just doesn't do it for me. I've never been into old milsurp guns though. I could never handload. That kind of makes me want to hurl thinking about it lol. I do need to finish setting up for 308 though.
  7. The next class 3 I do will be a 338 can but the wait times are ridiculous so I'm going to hold off.
  8. That fucker Js flying too fast for that. I got the new gun itch again. Ugh.