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  1. I don’t know what’s worse the obama bumper sticker the Chevy f150 or how bad that dash got raped when they broke into it.
  2. What are the fuel requirements for this Steve? Is it just premium like what the 6.2 requires or do you have to find a place that has higher octane
  3. That guy lived for that shit. You know he was the one bragging about all the fucked up stuff he did. That’s why he was canned.
  4. I can’t wait to see this done so I can only imagine how geeked you are for it.
  5. People who park at the gas pump and go inside and never get gas.
  6. I rarely hunt. Haven’t had a license in years. I just shoot. And I don’t shoot as much as I collect at this point
  7. I don’t have many vices anymore and I’m doing pretty well financially so it gives me play money. I am budgeting for the cans though. Since I’m not spending my play money it adds up
  8. I have nothing. I’m not sure if I should laugh. Or be sad or what
  9. Every day I realize I’m becoming a cranky old man.
  10. Buy one. Wait times are in the four month range and silencer shop makes it dumb easy. I’m now pending on two.