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  1. Who cares if you “need” 5gig. You want it you get it. I’d shank my mother for that kind of infrastructure.
  2. I don’t post much anymore but i do lurk. Still into guns just not nearly into the audio stuff anymore. My hearing is shit as it is. I figured I’d post my most expensive purchase to date though. got promoted this year and wanted to reward myself so I decided I’d shoot a new USPSA division and jump in with a brand new custom open gun. Limcat Sabercat with the TSRB barrel.
  3. Most likely an eclipse alum. Yes. That’s the name. Decent woofer. Not spectacular.
  4. I was looking at a fun ride but the deal they cut me on a new denali was stupid. I’ll just settle for the 6.2 in this. Lol
  5. I check it fairly often. I’ve noticed they aren’t fool proof that’s for sure.
  6. Me too but my stock is a lot nicer now than it ever was. Still have ole red but it hasn’t been driven hardly at all in the last several years. Been through a lot
  7. Tac sport huh Kyle. That’s a beauty have him reach out to primary machine and see about the slide cut. It’s not so much Glock pattern as it is the pattern for the optic. Each one is different. Or I should say many are different. Primary machine is the king of the hill for slide milling
  8. I haven’t bought a new gun in over a year. Still. Lol. Just ammo. Buying the 50 and then falling in love with the shadow 2 kept me from wanting anything else. Heres a stage from my last match. I’ve got some work to do yet but getting better.
  9. Here’s my last uspsa match before it fell apart Actually this is just the slow mo to show how flat the shadow 2 is
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