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  1. I live in a hotspot. Eastern pa. We can thank the commuters to nyc and jersey for the spike in numbers. So far I’m ok and everyone I know is ok. One person from my office tested positive but I hadn’t been in the office for a few weeks prior to that as I’m almost 100 percent remote now. I work with a bunch of people in the city. They said it’s pretty odd to see it empty. Except the essential employees are all still cramming intro the subway and shit.
  2. Wyze is the shit for home security right now as long as your network and connection can handle it
  3. Tac sport huh Kyle. That’s a beauty have him reach out to primary machine and see about the slide cut. It’s not so much Glock pattern as it is the pattern for the optic. Each one is different. Or I should say many are different. Primary machine is the king of the hill for slide milling
  4. I haven’t bought a new gun in over a year. Still. Lol. Just ammo. Buying the 50 and then falling in love with the shadow 2 kept me from wanting anything else. Heres a stage from my last match. I’ve got some work to do yet but getting better.
  5. Here’s my last uspsa match before it fell apart Actually this is just the slow mo to show how flat the shadow 2 is
  6. First match of the year on Sunday. This should be ugly. I’ve fired less than a hundred rounds since last October. Lol
  7. Got out for a bit of pistol practice. Very first rounds at 20 yards with about a .25 split. https://i.imgur.com/yWsUfet.jpg
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