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  1. You don't think being "nice" helps the issue at hand do you? Get real.
  2. Hence why I vote to just delete the whole thread. Only way to stop the bullshit. Explaining that we have a search button obviously does nothing.
  3. I made the last one. It lasted for about 2 years. I still say just delete to threads about strapping at .25 Just the other day I saw 4 threads, same title, different sections.. Can't read? Gfy Wanna act like you are 15? Gfy Think I'm a dick? You are right... gfy
  4. Hi res pic and they will make them. And we are wauyyy cheaper than that site. Just gotta buy a few.
  5. http://www.automotivelightstore.com/leddoorprojector.aspx
  6. The most fun I've ever had. Working with Micah over the last few months Has been so awesome. He is one hell of a fan guy, just getting to learn and work with someone of this caliber is very cool When we work on a project together it comes together like 1 guy built it Really neat to have 2 people that think and build the same way. We have a few more cool projects in the bays right now, so for current updates follow on fb I will do my best to update here As for puddle lights, we are a dealer for them. Custom stuff just hit me up. For normal designs check eBay. Very new to market but you should be able to find them
  7. Go ahead and drag them over will.
  8. Yes. All the pics are on sonus car audio Facebook. Just real busy right now but I will add them all here soon.
  9. Jesus Christ. That's cheap. I'll keep mine. Lol I'd be all over the pioneers. Best under 100 no doubt
  10. I have pioneer d 1670's Bnib I'll let go for 125 shipped
  11. 250 does not And its about the immobilizer not the OEM alarm.
  12. Yes you do. Hope its not your first alarm install. N.o. triggers in that vehicle
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