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  1. Are you doing it with the HP switch turned on?
  2. Vu1 is the large vu meter. About twice the size of a vu din
  3. Since there are only a couple vu-1's out there.. I bet you're correct
  4. You ship to apo with a 100 shipping price steve? I just know your shipping cost used to be crazy for apo
  5. I can do that, but unit is still 3 weeks from release. My price is same as steves, but i can handle any weird shipping.
  6. 50hz 18db for the 6" 3500hz 24db on the mid tweet The this tool can tell us everything needed. Very accuratly.
  7. These 2 are my favorite people to deal with. Always friendly and just straight shooters. Love doing deals with you two. Actually cant wait to buy, sell or trade again. Thanks again kyle and laura. Talk soon
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