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  1. I haven't tested numbers down low, but I can say it's brutal in the high 20s and peaks in mid 40s. If remember right the sealed side is 1.9 per sub.
  2. Hey man I may have some experience with a woofer that's similar. I think your sealed side is a tad big.
  3. Hey Jeff! It's been a long time. I have a quick question if we can connect in PM or email? You helped me when I first joined here a few years ago with my build and get some XS batteries. I am in need of getting new ones and have a few questions. 

    1. rocking.that.eclipse


      Shoot him an email at droppinhz. He barely gets on here last I knew


    2. Keith77


      Jeff isnt very active here anymore. Do you have Facebook? That would probably be your best bet to get a hold of him. 

    3. corona_jeff


      Email me at [email protected] I will be spending more time here soon

  4. FUCKING ASS! I know the car well and its done that on less then 1-8k. I will also say, claiming loudest musical trunk is ABOUT DEAD ON. Get your ass to work Ninja, or NO CIROC for you.
  5. corona_jeff

    DC Audio lvl 5 m3 T/S specs

    The lvl 5s will work m2s need some adjusting, the m4 versions seam solid. I'm impressed with the 12s, so far. I used the m2 15s for several years without much issues. Takes testing and some know how. Not a simple ported box by no means
  6. corona_jeff

    DC Audio lvl 5 m3 T/S specs

    12s work fine too...
  7. 8 - Droppin HZ 3000.1 3 - Droppin HZ 75.4 proto's 2 - Prv 625.1's
  8. We have bass and all 13 amps installed.
  9. corona_jeff

    SMD vu din

  10. Up for sale is my smd vu din out of the xterra. Needed the a lot for a processor. 95.00 shipped in the United States