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  1. Hey Jeff! It's been a long time. I have a quick question if we can connect in PM or email? You helped me when I first joined here a few years ago with my build and get some XS batteries. I am in need of getting new ones and have a few questions. 

    1. rocking.that.eclipse


      Shoot him an email at droppinhz. He barely gets on here last I knew


    2. Keith77


      Jeff isnt very active here anymore. Do you have Facebook? That would probably be your best bet to get a hold of him. 

    3. corona_jeff


      Email me at [email protected] I will be spending more time here soon

  2. The M4 has the new machined basket tho right? Both mine have the old 6 spoke basket that you can buy anywhere. Would that mean that they are both M2s? yours could still be m3 motors. post picks and we can go from there. regardless you will have to upgrade to the new basket
  3. Ok heres something to know. The M4 recone kits are the same as your M3. DC changed model names for clarical reasons for those.
  4. The lvl 5s will work m2s need some adjusting, the m4 versions seam solid. I'm impressed with the 12s, so far. I used the m2 15s for several years without much issues. Takes testing and some know how. Not a simple ported box by no means
  5. just something Ive noticed. The Voltmeter is off slighly when the PSC fan is running. Mine is off by .25v
  6. send me a message and which one you have and I will make sure they match
  7. ok lets clear this up. the m4 usedsthe DC basket on the 15" and 18" the motor is unchanged.
  8. real question, is those that say they want em, will they pay 1200-1500 per sub?
  9. That's the spreadsheet Mr TonyD made and you would have to consult him
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