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  1. Hey everyone so alot has changed in my life i now own a 1991 4runner instead of my red little civic, To many tickets resulted in me loosing my license and having to buy somthing a little less heaty and fast. Ive installed my old setup out of my civic into my runner. Im more into the offroading side of my truck not really into the big rims or anything. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and cant wait to be beating on the forums once a gain Pics of the runner:
  2. Hondas are extremely cheap to rebuild or swap. I did my swap in my eg6 for 1500$ that is with an upgraded motor. From a 1.5 sohc to a 1.8 dohc. Another 56hp and 40 ft lbs of torque. And it all bolted right in.
  3. civichatch

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    im civichatch514. I play lots everyone can add me.
  4. Well i can see everyones point, And everyone makes a good point. But in my mind she had 2 options..... 1. Go through ICBC pay a 400$ deductible plus insurance will raise by 10% because she doesnt have 10 years safe driving. 2. Pay me 400$ and i will forget the hole thing. Wich would you choose ???? Plus In my community its everyone for themselves. If you become all buddy buddy with everyone. You will end up gettin bit in the ass. GARUNTEED.
  5. kk so im not the only one. I dont feel bad at all. Shes lucky i didnt complain about my exhaust hitting the bumper. It could have been alot more. I only paid 3300$ for my car.
  6. i could have gone thru her insurance company and got everything repaired but then there is a 400$ deductible plus her insurance goes through the roof. So in the end it worked out better for her. I wasnt just going to say , oooo dont worry about it. My car is fully paid off the bumper didnt even move like the alignment is perfect. I will post a picture today just to prove my point, I think you guys are taking this a little more serios then it needs to be.
  7. dude its impossible to take a picture of what shes done. Its not even noticable. The screws on her license plate are the only thing that touchd my car. And they didnt even really break the paint. My car is beeing repainted in March so im not going to waste 400$ on repainting my bumper especailly when chances are the paint wont even match. And I thought a 360 and halo 3 was a good way to spend the money because i already have everything i want done to my car. I just got a new job today making alot more money then before. So with this money i did somthing for myself. I absolutely love my car and freak out wen somone even runs there finger along the paint when its dirty. So im not some idiot hu is just taking advantage of a situation.
  8. So yesterday (oct.15) wen i was pulling out of my school parking lot this lady bumps into my bumper. I was initially pretty pissed off cause it felt like she had hit me pretty hard. So i go around to the rear of my car as everyone at my school stairs at us in the middle of the parking lot. And there is only 2 little marks. Not even noticable to the human eye. So i bassically told her i want this fixed and i want cash. She said sure sure whatever you want. So today i went to the local able auto body to get an estimate. He quoted me 400$ to repaint the bumper. So i got a nice cheque for 400$ from the lady, FOR 2 LITTLE SCRATCHES. Just awsome. Unfortunatly, One of my best freinds also got rear ended yesterday. His truck is in much worse shape though. He was just rear ended 2 weeks ago and just got it fixed 3 days ago. Then the exact same thing happens to him again. OO and with the money i went out and bought an XBOX 360 halo 3 edition lol felt like giving myself a present.
  9. pick up a 90-93 civic hatchback, take out the rear seats can fit 4-15's back there. And you will still have unbelievable gas mileage.
  10. damm man that ex cop car is sooo sick. And for 500$ what a steal. The wheels are worth more then that.
  11. well both of us have decided we are going to fight it. This is complete bullshit.
  12. Well i contacted my local DMV and Insurane agent, found out they were not legally aloud to impound my car under suspicion. Im going to fight it in court. Both cops have to show up including the lady that SUPPOSUBLY saw us racing. And plus they wrote some of the details completey wrong.
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