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  1. 4 days left of high school!

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      Graduated 10 years ago, you young fucks.

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  2. what do you mean do one at a time? my current setup is nothing i sold all my stuff because my amp blew. but my friend got a nice American Bass Hd15 so it made me want to get some beats back.
  3. i was think about doing the big three with this next paycheck. i don't really know how much power i want to run and from what you guys are saying looks like i should save more. but i defiantly had planed to do my electrical first. i was think like one 3500. i was thinking crescendo 3500 and maybe upgrading to a 5500.
  4. i would be okay to not be able to hit 150 but be able to hit some low lows.. i would say max of 1500 but would go up to 2000 if need be.
  5. Okay, well I have had my systems and what not, nothing special. But I think it is time for a rebuild a... big rebuild. I came here to ask you guys how you do it when you get ready for a rebuild. What do you get first the amp or the subs? What kind of goals do try to reach with your rebuild? I have a 1998 Ford Contour and I am ready to wall it off for some serious bass. So if you guys can point in a good direction to get a SLAMMING system I would be greatly appreciated. There is no limit really on price but reasonable because I will wait for great products. I would also like my wall to be either a 4th or a Clamshell. I want to add an extra "wow" factor. Also, my goals with this is to go to competitions and people just come to get a demo and to do a 150 on music easily. Thanks.
  6. i am getting two 18" Obsidian subs and i am looking to get an amp that will fit them nicely.
  7. what are the prices for the 5k 7.5k 9k and 12k? shipped too 45822
  8. It was funny cause Kobe before the game had no idea who he was and then after the game he was like oh he's good and a good story for basketball. Lol
  9. okay. the car was one when we were looking at it but when we started un hooking things we turned it off. and you mean run a small wire from the power input to the remote input?
  10. the head unit was one we were listening to some cd's while tring to fix it.
  11. yeah. that was the first thing he checked. my other friend has the same problem and he just re ran the remote and he was hook up and everything thing was slamming.
  12. he got the battery from advance and they hooked up. the power to the terminal is tight as hell and the in line fuse is still good. i told him to check the remote but he says that is not it.
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