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  1. Thanks man. He sure did a good job hiding the wires. I wish I could say I helped but I just watched him put the LEDs in there. On a side note next week I will be getting a LC-1 put in and am thinking about carpeting the box and painting the port red. I'm thinking of doing a raised "Layla" in cursive on the front of the box. What do you guys think? Also wanted to put a plexi window on the side but the only plexi I have right now is 1/2... Would this be to weak and break of flex?
  2. Got my amp back with my LEDs in them. I could've done it I think but I didn't think I could do it as clean as he could.. Amp off. Amp on.. Seems brighter but the pictures had some nasty glare..
  3. Thanks brah. Rangers looking good mane. Thanks man. Seen quite a few people do it so I figured I would give it a try. lol
  4. Alright I recently aquired alot of Plexi and leds so today I decided to make a amp cover for my amp similar to the one purple haze made awhile back only mine was made from smoked plexi. Bear in mind I live in a 2nd floor apartment and only have my router, one drill bit, and a cordless drill. lol Anyway here is how I did it. First I took the amp out of my truck.. Take the cover off.. I used the cover as a stencil and cut out 3 copies out of thicker cardboard.. Taped the edges about 3 layers Next I glued it to the back of the plexi and took a flush trim bit around it. Then I sanded the edged and drilled the holes for screws and for the knobs. I also to a countersink bit and did it around the knobs. test fit. LEDs will be put in later this week. All done for now!
  5. Go on the first page of my build and look through my solox18 build. I've had mine out before and didn't miss it to much. Just gave me a reason to ride with other people and save gas. Lol
  6. I think so to but I gotta move back to my house before I can do that. thanks though A strawberry one? That sucks brah. I have clean power now! Also if I run 1/0 to my 1500 do you think I could get more undistorted watts out of it?
  7. Hey man thanks. Im thinking of taking the whole backseat out and doing a platform/amp rack and as far as I know they don't have buckets for the rear in a club cab Here is the box before carpet. Gonna have fun after work with these
  8. "Its like magic" lol looking good man. Ready to see what you got planned for these doors!
  9. Built a new box with 727's help. Heres a video and I'll post some pictures when I get off work in a bit.
  10. Hey guys. I got my dustcap put on and put the sub in a prefab till I can build a box this weekend. I also got this. All in and playing less than half power and no major tuning.
  11. all depends on what shows we decide on! Well if you hit some springfield or joplin shows I may be there!
  12. Yes sir. thats exactly what I wanna do but I won't be able to do it for around a month. I just wanna do something flashy. Kinda like my SoloX18 box if any of you saw it. Thanks bro. I would take people more places but 10-12 mpg kills me.. lol
  13. Thats Exactly what I was thinking sir. I'm gonna have to put this sub in a pre-fab box tomorrow to play with it. lol
  14. That really depends on how often you plan on hauling people around. I'd say if your sub needs more airspace, give it some airspace lol I rarely haul people in my truck and I'm buying a Scout this summer if I wanna drive my freinds around and I don't need a shit load of airspace.. it would just be a platform with a amp/ battery rack built in.
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