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  1. Yes that is a good amp. Ive had mine for a few years now, and its still going strong.
  2. my first was a sony XM series. maybe 600 rms. on two 12 inch kicker CVRs. thought it was the best shit ever. now i realize i got whooped on the prices.lol
  3. I dont usually post just look while at work. But I'm from Monroe,La.
  4. I think I know what the problem is. I had my old Brutus amp do the same thing.(of course it was seven years old) If you open the amp up Im sure one of the capacitors are blown.
  5. can't go wrong with either one. They all do what they claim and more. I'm loving my bc2000.
  6. at work chillin'. thinking on what i should upgrade on the Trep' next.

  7. Yeah i know what ya mean. If you dont already have a big 3 (since you are on here its a good bet that you do) do it!!! I have mine wired to 1ohm and the lights dim on a few songs (mainly the hits below 32hz). The alt on my car i believe is 120 or 130 but i have a 160amp coming in the mail from a police model intrepid. Should be a nice little bump, i have no idea why they made such low amperage alts for their best engine the 3.5 when the 2.7 which have a bad oil sludging problem got a 200+amp.(sorry rant over) But when i install that im going to clean up all my grounds (even the ones under the dash) ill try to take some pics of the install and might be able to do a dim test vid at night if i can find a spot where i can be loud and not cause any problems Finally found another intrepid on here. I have the 2.7 model. found that as long as maintenance is kept up there are no problems. other than bass breaking stuff. mine still has reg alt pushing bc2000d with two superstart platinums helping out. never drops below 12.8 keep up the good work tho bruh. tuned in
  8. '04 dodge intrepid 2 12" kicker cvx's hfi 2000 amp so far the rear view mirror, driver side mirror, brake lights on truck( which keep popping open), the inside panels and rubber comes down ever couple days, center consol came loose, and a couple hoses shook loose
  9. It's offical. signal at 12:20 it even passed on tv. Facebook will start charging this summer.If you copy this on your wall your icon will turn blue and facebook will be free for you. Please pass this message if not your count will be deleted. p.s, this is serious the icon turns blue, So please put this as your status

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