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  1. What's a good modem/router combo with wifi for home use? I need something with the coax input (comcast internet). I did go to radioshack (this was years ago) and got a modem. Found out coax input and so I returned it. The manager tried to bitch me out saying that I was dumb and all and it would indeed work. Nah, only had the ethernet input. Looking to finally own and not rent. (A one time cost is a lot cheaper than "forever" $10 a month) Not needing the best, you know. But something that's good and reliable. If the range is "small" (Only a 2 bedroom 1 floor condo, doesn't have to have a gigantic range) and is bad, I can always just get a range extender. Idk if devices really matter but it'd be 2 devices (ps4 and 1 computer) wired up. And 4 devices (tablet, 2 phones, laptop) wireless. Generally, it's all at once. Streaming music from laptop while playing ps4, sometimes looking at the computer, and both phones on wifi.
  2. Well, reputation definitely follows you. Went in for a job interview and all I had to say was my name and got offered the job.

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    2. hoit


      well done, good reputation and respect will take you as far as you want to go!

    3. Miguels


      So which corner will you be working out of now?

    4. Gunnem
  3. The cop told me cars need the center mirror. And the center high mount brake lamp Few days late but I looked this shit up one time. All cars, newer than a certain year (like 92) must have 3 brake lights (the 2 on each side and the 3rd). You don't need a rear view mirror IF you have both side mirrors. If you have both mirrors, fuck that center one. (Think about Semi's and vehicles that are towing, kinda can't see through your load, no?) That comes from DOT, not specific to any state. Each state can get more particular and specific but that's the general law.
  4. singer alts in sig but pic of mechman alt... HMMM. no sir. just no.
  5. well, did good by getting some bigs. Sure, they're young but Ed Davis? Randle? They may be no dwight or whatnot but, give em few years? (Although randle is out for season), they'll be good. Now need some guards. Lin is not the answer. You're fucked with Lin lol. Need a playmaker type guy... Rondo a few years ago, CP3, etc... Idk who's going to be a free agent, and I don't really see any elite-ish guards in college... so, might be screwed next year for guards.
  6. EXACTLY!!!!! you look up the salary? I kid you not, he himself is at or damn near 1/2 of the entire team's salary. I'd still have him on the team but not for that price. He's making Lebron type money... while playing like 1/3 of the team games lol.
  7. Bro... BRO... bro... it's all about them lakers!!! LMFAO!!! jk. i am a laker fan, all bout them lakers. HORRIBLE year. All I'll say.
  8. I did read that certain receivers they made had a bad chip and they were fixing for free or somethin. Just gotta mail it to em with the approval code. But apparently mine doesn't qualify. Oh well. I'll stick with this new one. Ditch the old one. Get wifi radio stuff with the new one haha.
  9. ya don't say? Ray Rice/Peterson's actions. Jail? Probation? No? You guys go punch a woman or beat your kid to the extent he did, see ya in a decade. Hell, even look at the drug fuckups of the world. Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Paris Hilton. How many times they miss court, break probation, etc? And all they get? "Here's your new court date". You guys go on probation or miss your court date. Lemme know what happens. The only rich person that got fucked due to her crime was Martha Stewart... but even her, wasn't a real punishment. Few months or whatever it was in jail? If it was just some other CEO or VP or high up person of a big company, years in jail, for sure.
  10. It was the receiver. Happened during shows, netflix, etc. Commercials n the regular shows. I got another receiver, been on for like 15 hours now. Sound has cut out... 0 times. same speakers, same tv, same everything... just different receiver and good to go. Just gotta buy a new sub since, yeah, that part didn't work out.
  11. How about on the defensive holding on the winning drive when the right tackle was clearly holding and should have been off setting penalties, but the cowboys got a first down. And the pass interference would have extended the lions drive. I usually don't blame the refs but this was definitely controlled by them How about they should've played better in the beginning so that specific call wouldn't have really mattered? Can't let 1 call matter when you can outplay it all so the refs don't matter. If they were up 31-0, how would that defensive holding have mattered? That's my point. Don't rely on the refs to make the game go 1 way or the other. Play the game so YOU control the game. And don't say that isn't possible... look at all the blowouts all year. I'm a Patriots fan, saw em get DEMOLISHED by the chiefs. Sure, some bad calls made. Some good calls. But did Patriots lose cause the refs? No. Lost their ass cause they got outperformed in every damn fashion possible. I saw few missed calls in the lions/cowboys game. I saw few missed calls in colts/bengals game. Quit ya bitchin and play. See Luck get demolished? Should've been late hit or roughing the passer. Instead, no call. He got up and what? He won the game. I don't even think he raised an issue to the ref like "what the fuck? where's the flag?" He just got up and "alright, now let's do this" So your gonna complain that 1 call screwed the team out of winning that game? Last time I checked, there's TONS of plays in a game. I seem to recall the Panthers beating the Cardinals and not in just in offense or anything. It was the entire team. Special team, offense and defense.
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