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  1. Well, reputation definitely follows you. Went in for a job interview and all I had to say was my name and got offered the job.

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    2. hoit


      well done, good reputation and respect will take you as far as you want to go!

    3. Miguels


      So which corner will you be working out of now?

  2. The cop told me cars need the center mirror. And the center high mount brake lamp Few days late but I looked this shit up one time. All cars, newer than a certain year (like 92) must have 3 brake lights (the 2 on each side and the 3rd). You don't need a rear view mirror IF you have both side mirrors. If you have both mirrors, fuck that center one. (Think about Semi's and vehicles that are towing, kinda can't see through your load, no?) That comes from DOT, not specific to any state. Each state can get more particular and specific but that's the general law.
  3. ya don't say? Ray Rice/Peterson's actions. Jail? Probation? No? You guys go punch a woman or beat your kid to the extent he did, see ya in a decade. Hell, even look at the drug fuckups of the world. Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Paris Hilton. How many times they miss court, break probation, etc? And all they get? "Here's your new court date". You guys go on probation or miss your court date. Lemme know what happens. The only rich person that got fucked due to her crime was Martha Stewart... but even her, wasn't a real punishment. Few months or whatever it was in jail? If it was just some other CEO or VP or high up person of a big company, years in jail, for sure.
  4. Why not...buy what YOU want? Do the research, find the games and all YOU want, and buy what YOU want? Not what others say. my 2 cents.....
  5. PS3 version = Madden 25 repackaged. PS4 version = A whole new Madden. J/s. Bout 99% of the new features in 15 aren't in it on ps3/360... Like the Dline moves for one
  6. Exactly how I feel about my brother, hence why we haven't talked since basically I left for the military. People ask me how many siblings I have. I mention him but say he's just another guy to me. Not family.
  7. That's why need a cold lunch man. Like a sub or something... things that can be eaten and still good when cold.
  8. Debateable sir. Debateable.... I'm still awaiting on that reply. Ahem. Edit - He has since replied and helped.
  9. That's no good to hear. But to answer your question... everything. EVERYTHING. Lol. Just look at the news and you'll see. The purge threats, the shit in Missouri, NYC shit happening, list just goes on man. I know other countries have their problems but I'm honestly curious if it's ANYWHERE near as bad as here. Everyone hating on practically everyone.
  10. That's cause you're higher above the clouds. You need to lower down some to get in. Lol, it did the same to me. I just tried again and it worked. Idk
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