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  1. It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. this works with many of life's lessons
  2. Yes. I can ship tomorrow! all 5 to 38301
  3. do you still have all 5?
  4. O.k. IMO They rap about Drugs, Money, Bitches and Cars, Now they have all four... can you see the trend, why would you keep going after achieving the goal you set out for?
  5. Your first amplifier - what was it?

    Had 2 of these kenwood amps on 2 of these Orion XTR3 10' Those were the days PS, I had to build an amp rack with computer fans on its to keep the kenwood's cool they're not 1 ohm mono stable lol, so they got hot! but never burnt up
  6. Post dump photos and vids then you be on the list Yo EBW I like that box that in your default pic. Looks like it get's loud. Every box i've see with a long port got loud as hell. I'm considering a similar port on my next box. I pm'd you, lets stick to topic here its all about sotm on this thread And Nine... Im a "box" and get louder than most on less power but never added to the list last 2 times I entered, missing the critera I guess, its all about good fun here cant wait to vote! TN boys ftw
  7. lol builds I was joking, I'm waiting to see this baby in action
  8. yea I will probably get a AD-244 to replace the stock a weld a bracket to add the Singer 330 tax time
  9. I run a some what stock alt puts out between 14.7-15.4v unsure on the amps, HC2400, getting a Singer 330 tax time
  10. Buying a clamp meter

    I like Fluke, I just dont like buying a name, Klein, Milwaukee, Greenlee, Ideal... All make great clamps for less and have the same rating and quality