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  1. Can we get recone prices here? If so recones for XL 15 basic options, and also Level 2 8. forgot location 95831
  2. I'm from Sacramento and how about you?

  3. cool to see another native in bass where you from

  4. Thanks for the help, and sorry for being a newbie.
  5. In a way yes..sorry but I'm a fanatic of car audio..I own 2 DC Level 2 8s never took the time to register before until now..
  6. I know I'm not the only customer..that's why I came to this site..I was hoping somebody that atleast purchased them before could tell me the prices for basic models. Well I guess I'll have to wait patiently. Thanks.
  7. I contacted 3 emails (no phone right now so calling was out of the question sorry) but this is urgent..I'm sorry for making a post..
  8. Can someone please pm me the prices on level 3 10" and level 4 10" subs asap..everyone I emailed has not emailed me back and I need to know the prices right away. It would be appreciated! Thank you!
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