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  1. Ok just tried it out again turned up about half way and the amp made a REALLY loud tone even when I turned it all the way down on the stereo it was still loud soooo FREID or Not???? Please somebody help I'm feenin for bass haha
  2. Well I was thinking about opening the amp up following the remote see if its burnt some where wonder if a little solder will do the trick but thanks everyone beeen trying all troubleshoots thanks tho
  3. I took remote off but still didn't shut off I removed power wire then it slowly faded usually it makes a click when it shuts off might have to disconnect it wish I installed circut breakers haha
  4. My dmm burt out some how not to sure the amp still works but won't turn off has remote off and on I think I fried something inside but the amp is a autotek mm4000 pos I know but idk what's going on
  5. Idk wtf happened I started bumpin loud soon as I hopped in my ride the some weird noise then subs were making a tone and yea rest of them shut off but one is still on please guys thanks
  6. I wanted to start putting on a show annualy and 10 bucks to get in and compete have a big BBQ and all the cash gets split up between the top some odd percent how ever many show would be cool and fun I guess something for all the bass heads in my area to come to because far as I know only one show in north dakota lot of people have big systems but nowhere to show it off
  7. Kinda sucks don't ya think you spend all the time and hard earned money and you get a piece of plastic and there's always a guy WAY louder than you so kinda hard to keep those braggin rights idk just sayin fun to do though I don't compete just like bass loud ass bass for my face some people get carried away but all in good fun right
  8. What do you win at these big comps like finals and stuff besides a trophie and bragging rights????
  9. Just wondering if anybody is ready to get rid of one thanks
  10. cool to see another native in bass where you from

  11. grey fox are you native

  12. i wanna get 4 18's but i built boxes before sound really good but im no pro just use the12volt.com calculators but im open to box ideas i have 4 4000.1 Autotek Mean Machine amps and dont want to waste money making a OK sounding box i need awesome!
  13. Why not two BC5500s? Don't know what those are Crescendo Audio. Will do rated at 12 volts. Two would be cheaper than four kicker 2500s. Or maybe even two AQ3500.1s as you'll stay closer to the RMS of each sub. Even cheaper. Same electrical setup. Do you have the web address for those brands
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