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  1. Do you still have a Kicker WXRC? Please let me know

  2. for those of you running 4 alternator on your tahoes. how have you eliminated the belt squeal. I bought the gates tensioner. helped. but still a little squeal when shifting. if you have a answer feel free to text me at 815-530-8340
  3. i saw another guy said that as well, im renting a garage starting the first of the month to tear apart and see all my options. i think im going to just raise my exsisting. if not will just order a custom built gas tank thats a couple inches shorter. Im always looking to hear someone tell me a gas tank out a bla bla bla is a perfect swap for the needs... never that simple
  4. thats why i was asking for pics and what people have tried. i know i need to cut off exsisting and relocate. currious to see what others have done. there are many diff ways to do and want to hear feedback from people that have relocated. where relocated to. and what they think about the ride after
  5. Im sorry I should have been more specific. was worried if i went into detail people wouldnt take the time to read. Im talking about the rear lower control arms. the rear control arms mount under the frame. they are the lowest point sitting about 3" lower than the frame. wondering what others have done to relocate and what is the correct proper way to keep as close to symmetry as possible.
  6. I was hoping to keep the gas tank in same location. just wanted something thinner. gonna use the space on back of truck for hitch, air tank, and batteries
  7. What have you guys done with the lower control arms layin the frame? looking for some been there done that what works what should avoid. pics would be good. 00-05 Tahoe
  8. Looking for some been there done that help. What are my fellow tahoe brothers doing with there tahoes when they set the frame on ground? Ive heard different comments. Ive heard fuel cell... but i would like to keep my gas gauge working so i know when im low
  9. with 3 air lines?.... there are no wiring clips. Seems like 3 air lines. lines look like they run over by gas tank. when I pulled lines off there was no gas. So I believe air lines but for what. I took the lines off and started the truck. Ran fine. Not related to the brakes because I pulled forward and back couple times. Dnt believe anything with trans but never left 1st or reverse. I would think a event recorder world need wiring to collect data. There are 2 large air lines and 1 small. Im thinking maybe some sort of gas take breather...... Just wild guesses. Im gonna have to trace lines to find out i guess
  10. I have a 05 tahoe. lowering my rear end and my rear housing is going to hit a black box with i believe 3 airlines/ or fuel lines attatched. what is this box? neccessary? cant figure out what it is.
  11. well ive read all day long. some people say a resonator would help... others say resonators only tone down high frequencies and do nothing to low end drone. others say go to stock exhaust muffler... but bottom line is as long as its chopped I feel im going to get drone. Im just going to cut off my sub frame... do some re welding of support. and make sure i use a tail pipe all the way to the bumper.
  12. Its turned down 45 degres rite now. Im gonna cut it so it faces back a lil more 25 degres. i feel its bouncing off the ground and rite back up. Yes have sound deadner already. I wanted a nice sound out of the exhaust but its a bla toneless sound unless im floored. just light to medium throttle it just sounds like a rusted out muffler. I have a show truck, and i want it to sound bad ass or queit. and so far the trying to sound bad ass has failed miserably. and when I say i get drone i mean on a scale of 1 to 10 its a 10.
  13. I have a 2005 chevy tahoe. I thought I wanted a nice sound out of the exhaust.... but cutting it before axel I get a ton of drone. I was all excited, I did a cold air intake, headders, y pipe, bought the quietest spintech muffler. I have to chop it b4 the axel because im lowering the truck so much. And I get drone drone drone. Yuck. From reading and reading and reading i guess im going to buy a resonator, and probrably change mufflers. I want it super quiet. Dnt even want to know its running. Has anyone ever chopped b4 axel and kept it super quiet
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