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  1. Tried to PM Moose but I guess his box is full. Anywho... Does DC have any 8" drivers? If so, price + shipping to 78203. Thanks, Christopher
  2. I like the stitching best, great touch IMO.
  3. Ha ha. I'm only running a single DD1512 D4 right now and as much as I love bass I'll never be a ground pounder. However, I like to experiment but I've never had the oppurtunity to truly play around with car audio beyond basic installations. Who know's what will come of this foray.
  4. Very true. My main goal is to see how loud I can get off of 1 8" driver and learn how to build my first box using this woofer.
  5. Thank you Brian. Up until now, I ignored the previous post. Anyone else out there that can help influence my descision?
  6. I appreciate the offer but I'm looking for a single driver, dual 4. Thanks.
  7. Ha Ha. I considered the SA8 but how could I resist Skar's trade in offer.
  8. The MA8 is a good looking woofer. I am a bit concerned since Skar recommends a ported box of about .75cf for the MA8. Their directions said something about not going much larger. I was hoping to do something crazy like 2-2.5cf but I don't want to ruin a perfectly good woofer.
  9. It would be 1 driver and I plan on putting ~500 watts to it.
  10. More $$$ doesn't always mean better IMO. Yeah. The MA8 is supposed to be SPL orientated. What does this mean in terms of real world performance? I was hoping that someone could tell me exactly what the differences are between the two subs. I've read Skar's site but both drivers seem pretty close to me. I know there has to be some difference. Skar wouldn't create 2 different lines of subs that do the same thing.
  11. I think I am going to take advantage of Skar's "trade" program and I am trying to decide what to get. I've never messed with any 8" subs before, figured I would start a little fun project. As well, this will be my first foray into Skar audio. What are the main differences between the MA 8 and the VVX 8? How do I know/figure out, which one to choose? Christopher
  12. That's what I was thinking, however I'm not sure that the amp puts out rated, he may not be in any danger running the subs lower. Christopher
  13. What amplifier? Nice amp but I'm looking for a bit more from the 5th channel.
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