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  1. Need all new games, all of them are last yr's.
  2. Good luck with that, I wouldn't risk my life over a job like that!
  3. Your right, when pressing the 'connect' button on the 360 box. It should go in a circle with 4 flashing lights, then light up on the top left when it connects to one controller.
  4. I'm down.. But I don't know if anyone plays madden 08(360) here ? Calling you all out!!
  5. 1998 chevy camaro, a little under 25,000 miles, v6. Never seen snow, very rarely been in the rain. excellent condition. Things not included - Subwoofers & subwoofer amps Everything else is included - 19 inch diablo rims and scrotcher tires, new condition (still have stock tires/rims) Pioneer 6500 indash / remote PS2 Flush mounted under the port on the wall + wireless controller 6.5 memphis m class in the doors, along with some memphis tweeters 6x9 memphis m class on the wall 4 channel memphis m class for mid/highs Roughly a 12 cu. ft. wall built by Chris Norris (CN sounds) 4 yellow tops (1 under the hood, 3 in back) 0 gauge ran to the back 190 Ohio G under the hood I have the back seat and everything that has been taken out still. Alarm system, remote start, keyless entry The wall is built more for street use, with 2 cn sound 15's and 2 4kw's it did 153's @ 43, also would do over 150 with music. I never tried a port for SPL only, as I liked doing local shows, then being able to play it for everyone. If your interested and want to know anything else, just ask.. heres a few pics, if you want others ask also. No port plug W/ port plug (I have 3 others, all tuned low) I have a good amount of pictures of the build process also. I'm looking for 12,000 OBO ... I'm located by South Bend, Indiana.
  6. ROD sucks, Luckily (knocks on wood) I've never had a issue with that, actually, no problem ever. Regardless they replace the system, you might be without up to a month (which sucks, not trying to make it sound prefect) ... Not just FPS games.. Madden challange was PS2 starting in 01, 360 came, got a better contract with EA over sony. Now the main madden challange is on 360, along with all EA games being put together better for 360 ... PS2 owned, 360 took over and now PS3 is tryin' to get it back... mircosoft has more money.
  7. How does PS3 with 30 FPS kill the 360 with 60 FPS on graphics? I've had both systems, needless to say the PS3 is gone. PS3 still doesn't know how to utilize there 'high dollar chip'. Also, if your into online gaming, then hands down xbox live has the best online network(If you have seen the networks, you can't compare them). I personally think PS3 has failed, they took to long to release, everyone went to 360, along with lack of games and a poor network, why would anyone waste there money?
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