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  1. the best rap/ hip-hop album released this year by FAR, the game blows the comp outta the water
  2. real big power as in 3 15" subs, 4 amps and 2 runs of 0 guage? would i need a new alt and batt then?
  3. nah id rather experience some bigger subs i saw some ones in 1 of our aussie stores over here called earthquake 15", looked liked it pounded $799 AUS. this is the page its the 15" down the bottom http://www.earthquakesound.com/dbxi.htm please tell me if its worth gettin like 3 of them
  4. haha i didnt say i didnt like it i said it was hell loud the guy that owned the car, used to go in bassrace etc hit 110DB+
  5. yer wat USA audio company ships over here, i dont think ill go with 18's prob two 15's
  6. finally went in the car wen he had it goin, OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fukin loud, u have no idea, i had 2 block my ears and im used to powersaws all day long then my 2 12" subs, but fukkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee sideways, it was ridiculous seriously pounds sooo hard
  7. yer sweet man , im a Sydney bloke. I want my bass hear from 5 blocks away . i dont just love my bass loud i want it to shake the fuck outta everything.
  8. haha this is hell sick, doin shit like this i wanna do sumfin similar but on my lawnmower
  9. yer im from aus so i dont know where i can get the subs from, imported over here, i have 1996 toyota camry, but updating start of next year to a 1998 holden statesman
  10. Hey fellas my mate just got a new car and has a sick ass sound sytem i have to admit, fukin cranks hard, anyway he doesnt STFU about it and lookin to out do him, my limit is about $5000US. he has : Optima yellow top battery, King Springs, Kicker 0/1 Pro power kit, apline type R splits front and back, apline type 15 inch sub, apline md-1000 monoblock, apline vpower 4 channel amp, cadence 3 farad capacitor,
  11. hope all goes well 4 u tyler man, im 17 and wish i could do that, but Aus is shit so many sound laws etc. Good luck hope all goes well
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