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  1. 4-0 haha you wish, keep swanggin from 'em. Edit... it should be a good series though. we shall see.
  2. thank you.... no worries though. haters everywhere ya go. as for the cavs ending tonight, yup they lost but............ before you start upping your "egos" (a certain few that has followed this thread) remember, the cavs did something right to make it thus far correct?? KThanks. Cant wait to see the Lakers beat magics ass now that Cleveland is out..
  3. yeah just a player alright..... a DAMN GOOD player. and that is said w/out riding nuts (FYI). anyone that knows basketball would tell you the same.
  4. im not going to get in a pissing match, just gonna say......... the Cavs are Great... where are they now??? what is their stats??? and i see more ppl out there doing scoring for teh cavs other than Lebron (i.e. West, Gibson, ect...) see ya next game .
  5. what a fucking ending...... Mr. MVP came thru. Magic thought they had that shit in teh bag.... :hahaha: :One Goal:
  6. man listen to Cleveland go crazy in the Q... this is out game tonight. and x3 on cavs being a all around better team. magic aint doing shit w/out the three's. i mean they aint horrible but the Cavs hand them their asses in the paint that is for sure.. anyway, lets go Team.. :one Goal:
  7. .../\this/\... well it was the last resort after everything else failed.
  8. what a good game (for cavs fans that is hahaha) anyone else see that long ass lucky shot??? hope they hold this game :One Goal:
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