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  1. I ordered some to later find out they discontinued them. I have a brand new pair of DD AW6.5's I am willing to trade for a new pair of AT28's or trade for a used pair. If you are looking to sell them I can work something out as well. Please let me know if you have a pair.
  2. So you want war? Because I don't. As well, there is still a million unanswered questions that were refused to be answered, that make the whole 9/11 thing sound very fishy. Building 7 somehow fell at free fall speeds without even catching fire, or being struck by plane. Yet a building right next to the 2 towers had a 200+ft long I beam get wedged into it, still standing and in use. American people for the most part, are dumb, sheep. You give them something to pay attention to, they will follow.
  3. At this point. It is still accusations towards Russia that they did it, nothing literally showing they did it. As well I have seen people argue that a Russian politician said they did it, he did not say that. He did say however, that he doesn't put it past his people to do so because Hillary would have been very bad news for Russia.
  4. When i say "simple", i say that because i didn't go full loop on the liquid cooling again (YET). The last one really held me back when it was "upgrade" time. When the cards are on air, they are so easy! When they have hoses coming off them and water blocks bolted to them (and bolted together), it becomes a bitch. I have been wanting new cards since the 980's were out. I do want to run another custom loop because there is no denying how cool your cards stay compared to air. Especially if you overclock everything like i do. But i want to wait for the next latest greatest to come out first. I want to enjoy an easy upgrade at least one more time before i lock myself in for life by hooking up hoses lol. As simple as it is, it really gets the job done lol...and i thought i would never give my baby away to anyone. It was my pride and joy. It is now Antheny's. Team badass #hammydown ftw. That makes a lot more sense now lmao. I had plans on throwing some water into my set up but never did. If I ever where to have to swap them out, you go it right, would be very easy when they are on air.
  5. Of coarse, since he was told he was not an enthusiast pc builder he did it like everyone else does it It's like when I have friends come over and they see my PC they are all like WOOOOOW and there I am like, it's OK lol
  6. I am out in Chicago, with a 2004 ford escape for it to go in. The white car here.
  7. Dope, I could use a 10 for my bedroom lmao. Shake my bed apart
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