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  1. I just seen this right now, will check my photobucket out. Thought I remember something they removed the ability to link photos unless you are a paid member. Will try to get them rehosted soon.
  2. BANDA Amps.... need help

    Is there any way to test dampening factors on amps? That is amazing to see though, especially because of the price difference on those 2 amps. I spent 750 on my scv 4k for a 1200 msrp amp.
  3. That can always happen and is possible. You want to have 450-500a of current to be able to to give. Get a 300a alt, itll put out more than likely just over 200 hot, so your left with 250-300 of amperage you still need, and I say add 1 more to get just over that so you have nothing to worry about and can crank for a while. So I would say get 350-400a worth of batteries.
  4. Took a quick little vid, was 20hz and 15hz. Never had a build this loud so I am so sketched out cranking it in the places I used to on 700w and 2 15's haha. Building a new box that is being choked and adding another run of wire so a tad more it has left to get out of it. Photobucket isn't working for me and I cannot figure out how to make this a video First one was my first ever hair trick, so I didn't know where to place her head lol Snapchat-37637258[2].mp4 Snapchat-992563570[1].mp4
  5. It doesn't have to match exactly or else. If you have more than what is required, you just overkillings. Just those batteries would not be enough, they are pretty small. How much room do you have for batteries, you will need a decent amount for all of them.
  6. 1. Not knowledged enough on acoustics to give a beneficial answer to this. 2. Yes you MUST upgrade the electrical or you will damage your gear. Get the biggest alternator you can find that will fit, a reputable solid one not an ebay alt. At bare minimum 2 runs power and ground front to back or if you are unibody and want to chasis ground, still similar number of runs. I would personally run 3 and I bet there are some that would do 4 because the distance and how it could create a good amount of resistance and to combat that. 4 group 31's at minimum, I would run 5 or 6. 3. This is another must, if you used chasis as a ground you would need to have an upgrade front ground as well to be able to utilize it. 4. This you will get many mixes reviews. If you can't build and can't/don't know how to design a box, people will design them for you for fairly cheap, 20-40. 5. That's what I run on a 4k lol
  7. Triticum's Improved Port Area Calculator

  8. Amp going into protect

    Try different RCA's and without the PAC, I'd try that first and see how it effects it
  9. If it's the power in your sig that could be 4 sundown x18's making tornados out of it's windows lol
  10. I feel like the only con in the bass amp portion, would be price. Your at a higher ohm load, so higher efficiency to make the power, meaning less eat is created. Higher dampening factor compared to 1 ohm.
  11. Installing a big 3 is not a permanent project. If you torture your gear in this car and it blows, well then you need to spend even more when you get a new car. Best to take care of the gear you have so that you don't have to replace it later on.
  12. Port Width through the port

    That is what I was looking for. Thanks guys. Half of me wanted to just go buy a design from someone reputable, the other half wanted to build 25 boxes, all being nearly identical just 1 variable difference to test for myself what does what and come to a final design myself.
  13. Port Width through the port

    No I am not asking if 45's will do anything. I stated, "If there is a portion however that is larger, how would that effect playback?". I know having a portion of the port that is thinner will choke the port, but how will the inverse effect playpack, port noise, and other aspects of playback.
  14. So I recently built a box for my 2 X-18's. It was a really rush build to just have something since I blew my old subs and something to just break them in. This is the first time building such a large port in a box, last several boxes all used aero's too. But with all of that, when it came to the port, there was a huge difference in width from the center of the bend and the actual width. I made a 45 to compensate the difference but it still made me curious. I know having a point through the port where the width is smaller than the planned width will choke it. If there is a portion however that is larger, how would that effect playback? Here are some pics to explain what I am talking about. This is the width of the port by plan and on paper. This is the width of the bend
  15. How many runs from front to back did you have, and inbetween batts? I have a 280a US alt right now, 1 run of pos/neg to back and a single xp3000 currently on a scv4000 and I can easily drop to 10-11v. Seeing so many mixed answers here lmao