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  1. How many runs from front to back did you have, and inbetween batts? I have a 280a US alt right now, 1 run of pos/neg to back and a single xp3000 currently on a scv4000 and I can easily drop to 10-11v. Seeing so many mixed answers here lmao
  2. I can't seem to find anything about it. Would be cool to test but it would be an expensive type of test. One thing that makes it hard was well is many amps do not display any amount of efficiency, and if they do it's for 4 ohms. But I am curious if you have a system running 1000w at 4 ohms of resistance, compared to 1000w at a 1 ohm resistance. Would the amps be efficient enough to need such a smaller electrical that the price increase for the bigger amps justify it? I also have another question when it comes to incorporating efficiency ratings to your calculations for laying out your system. If you happen to know an efficiency, where does that come into play when equating? Before you see how much amperage pull, or after? When using power = amp * voltage when you only have power and voltage, looking for amperage.
  3. I freaked out when I saw this earlier. I hope that all the user map settings maps will be brought back too. Income defense, tower defense, dbz sagas.
  4. What amp are you going to be running? You sure it is stable to run that high of a input voltage?
  5. I ordered one through sonic and was refunded a month later saying they had no expectancy of when they will be getting more.
  6. When I do this, I calculate at 3 different voltages. I calculate at 14v, the best voltage to have and were you always want to be. 13v or 12.5v, which is usually were people end up, to make sure that if that is were you rest while slamming you will be fine. Then last at 11v, so that way if for some reason you drop that low, you know if you will possibly risk any damage or not.
  7. Well alright, exactly the opposite of my thinking. That does make sense though. Well, I will build the current design I have and make those changes going low, instead of high come 2nd design.
  8. Really? What makes you say that? I am going to build a box tuned to 32hz first, then depending on how I feel it sounds make adjustments from there. Was expecting I would raise the tuning, not lower it.
  9. I am well aware that the suspension does have it's own limits, I just know the X's are nuts when it comes to low end. Curious how low people could get them to go with different tunings. Just trying to get the largest bandwidth I possibly can.
  10. I am looking for anyone experience in the matter though, when did they start seeing issues, how far below tuning. I want to maximize it.
  11. I have been thinking a lot about the subs I am going to be running. A pair of X18's, and they have no mechanical bottom. I know the rule is to not play below tuning, blah blah. Because of this no limit, I want to take advantage of it. Want to have to largest bandwidth possible. What is everyone experience with woofers that have the same similar respect, what is their experience with tuning higher than usual, while still having a nice low end. I am not expecting to slam into the teens, but I do want to be able to play with authority into the mid 20's. As well still have a nice high end when playing rock and certain genres of techno music. Would this be a hard thing to achieve? How can the no mechanical limit help me achieve this?
  12. I wish I remember who I bought it from on here, tell him it lasted a damn long time and was put to good use. May it RIP!
  13. That is were I am confused on the whole situation. The thing was the amp was still warm, could easily hold your hand on for as long as you wanted. I sniffed the amp, didn't really have a strong smell, smelled my ports, that is were it was VERY strong. The amp don't even turn on at all. I have yet to remove though, planning on it tomorrow since we have a first warm weekend weather here in Chicago. Going to try out a hard reset on it and see if that changes anything, but currently am doubtful on that.
  14. Well that sounds like exactly it then lol. I never new slaming a blown a sub could result in a amp death. Always thought it would just make the sub get closer and closer to true death, not just a scratching coil. Well, at least it is a lower power amp, won't be to expensive to repair. Just sucks, it's an AQ, won't be original anymore after the repair :/
  15. I have no idea, I would think to why didn't any protection stuff come into play. When I first blew my amp at the end of the summer, when the amp and subs got nice and warm the amp would protect very easily. Which I am guessing was because the 1 sub being blown, would have a ohm load that was all over the place and make it protect. This time nothing happened like that, was bumping and just completely stopped. I smelt some, what I that was burning coil, guess it turned out to be the amp lmao.