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  1. RooTxBeeR

    Looking to Buy SMD CC-1

    Everywhere is out of stock, everywhere says will be in stock soon.Please let me know!
  2. I fried it. Yeah why I'm here. Sent a few emails stating a month ago and nothing back yet
  3. Can these be repaired, or do I just need to buy a new one?
  4. RooTxBeeR

    work truck stereo

    Find a new shop. Or learn yourself a bunch and start doing all your own work.
  5. I am looking at some, thinking about just grabing a pair of tweets and good 6.5's to try out on good power, if not throw another pair in with some more power and should probably be good by then.
  6. Any suggested tweeters to pair with those? Depending on the price I can get them for might do 2 a door.
  7. I am trying to stay away from Pro audio gear. If that means I need 2 mids and 2 tweets per door I can do that, just have no idea where to start. Been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since I looked into gear for running active. Even amps. I have a DD dealer if anyone know of anything that would work from them. Open to any suggestions. Going in a daily car
  8. Will check those out. Looking at hitting a scrap yard and pulling some door panels off a car to make them from.
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I have another question regarding mids. I have always just mounted to stock locations. Never have I ever put pods or created any type of enclosure for them within the doors, would that be a must? I am only skeptical because of the work that would be involved in making my doors able to fit anything larger than what fits stock, as well as creating a and if not mounting a pod and still be able to use the window fully.
  10. Thanks for the input, I forgot to mention this will be an active setup. Looking at getting a 4 channel for the mids in front doors and coax in back doors then a 2 channel for the tweeters. If more power is required can always get a 200x4 and just put the gain down some when tuning the back doors for rear passengers
  11. Right now I have 2 sundown X 18's on a scv 4k and have a pair of digital design cs 52 component set powered by a Rockford punch 50 watt x4. I was eventually going to upgrade to a 7500 so I need something that can keep up, any suggestions friends? Right now I have a poorly designed box for these subs and power and I can barely hear music at full tilt. Would 2 mids be best with this much power? Would a silk dome tweet handle or would I have 5lto go super tweet? No wall btw. Subs up port back
  12. I just seen this right now, will check my photobucket out. Thought I remember something they removed the ability to link photos unless you are a paid member. Will try to get them rehosted soon.
  13. RooTxBeeR

    BANDA Amps.... need help

    Is there any way to test dampening factors on amps? That is amazing to see though, especially because of the price difference on those 2 amps. I spent 750 on my scv 4k for a 1200 msrp amp.
  14. That can always happen and is possible. You want to have 450-500a of current to be able to to give. Get a 300a alt, itll put out more than likely just over 200 hot, so your left with 250-300 of amperage you still need, and I say add 1 more to get just over that so you have nothing to worry about and can crank for a while. So I would say get 350-400a worth of batteries.
  15. Took a quick little vid, was 20hz and 15hz. Never had a build this loud so I am so sketched out cranking it in the places I used to on 700w and 2 15's haha. Building a new box that is being choked and adding another run of wire so a tad more it has left to get out of it. Photobucket isn't working for me and I cannot figure out how to make this a video First one was my first ever hair trick, so I didn't know where to place her head lol Snapchat-37637258[2].mp4 Snapchat-992563570[1].mp4