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  1. 1. Product: 2. Specs: Single 2 voice coil (was rebuilt with D1 and paralleled at the coil itself, now reads 2) Stock Type R is rated 600/1800 This one was seeing 800 rms daily and barely moves Never got stinky, hot or anything 3. Description/Condition: One custom rebuilt Type R 12 built by ForeverBumpn on CACO rebuilt from brand new SVC 2 ohm New Carbon Fiber cone and blackjack dust cap Tall W7 style surround Thick 2.58' coils and some kind of super stiff spider Suspension is extremely stiff New type R motor for better cooling used 7/10, it has a small rip in the surround that i can repair before sale if need be 4. Price: 100 plus shipping please text me @ 863-224-2508 with any questions or concerns 5. Pictures: the pictures are old, but it looks exactly the same. i will get new ones for any one interested.
  2. 1. Product: ^^^^^ 2. Specs: Nightshade v.1 Series 3. Description/Condition: The two out of the box are D2s 9/10 Physical 10/10 Mechanical The two in the box are D1s 8/10 Physical 10/10 Mechanical The one by itself is D1 but it has a burnt coil lead on each side, and a puncture in the surround, so i could pull out the soft parts, or if someone wanted to patch it up and see how long it lasts if they wanted. Im considering it as a basket and motor though. 4. Price: : 1000 plus shipping for all 5. 450+ shipping per pair 35+ shipping on a 12 spoke 15" basket Please text me with any questions. 863-224-2508 Only Partial trades would be for a Crescendo 5500 5. Pictures:
  3. bump, prices are OBO, need to get this stuff moved, if you are interested, PM me an offer, and we can go from there, nothing ridiculous though please.
  4. bump, 125 plus shipping on the sub, and 55 shipped on the infinities
  5. Bump, sub is on eBay, offer up guys, need to move this stuff!
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