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  1. 1. Product: 2. Specs: Single 2 voice coil (was rebuilt with D1 and paralleled at the coil itself, now reads 2) Stock Type R is rated 600/1800 This one was seeing 800 rms daily and barely moves Never got stinky, hot or anything 3. Description/Condition: One custom rebuilt Type R 12 built by ForeverBumpn on CACO rebuilt from brand new SVC 2 ohm New Carbon Fiber cone and blackjack dust cap Tall W7 style surround Thick 2.58' coils and some kind of super stiff spider Suspension is extremely stiff New type R motor for better cooling used 7/10, it has a small rip in the surround that i can repair before sale if need be 4. Price: 100 plus shipping please text me @ 863-224-2508 with any questions or concerns 5. Pictures: the pictures are old, but it looks exactly the same. i will get new ones for any one interested.
  2. them subs is beast man! Seriously though, i wish i had a pair of those
  3. 3.5 for a single 12? I hope that is before displacements thats the first thing i would do!
  4. definitely the quickes response times ive had from any company ive dealt with
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