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  1. run a pair of d3100s under your hood, you have 2 stock battery trays under that hood, which should ft a d3100 each, and run your 2 4800s in the rear, or if possible get rid of them for 2 more d3100s
  2. if you have to ask then i wouldnt recommend it, but in a proper enclosure, on clean power.. yes it can be done
  3. you can't just "buy" them like that lol, it gets formed and glassed and filled into your dash, of course they "have one" for a jeep commander, just gotta do the work, or pay soundman to do it for you
  4. I've done a few deals with him and had no issues...couple months back but he was good to deal with
  5. Message obsidian, they were building a set number of SA18s not long ago they will more than likely build you one Email Debbie at sundown , Jacob is sick atm if you wanna get one from them But best bet is have nick at obsidian build you one
  6. I want to pre order 2 please! I have been waiting around for the X series for 2 years when the idea was brought up lol
  7. Won't even be close, prolly need about 2.5x more, prolly close to 180sq ft if not more for 100% coverage That 60sq ft should do the cargo area and hatch
  8. If its the same cord as another sundown amp it'll work but if its not it won't, seems like you have a different bass knob from a separate amp, just cause it fits doesn't mean it works as the pins are more than likely lined up different
  9. its a pretty powerful amp, havn't clampped mine but moves my zv.3 15 an aweful lot, i've seen numbers above 2k out of it clamp wise around 1 after rise
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