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  1. I personally Don't feel comfortable about doing that.
  2. It wouldn't be so damn hard if Nissan hadn't fused the battery wire from the factory, so I didn't know how to delete any of the factory stuff without possibly tearing up the carv
  3. Long story short I need to know what I need to clean this up? Any suggestions
  4. So if Neo is a stronger magnet? How would people not gain from using that? I'm just being quizitive but I don't really understand it.
  5. why do you feel that way @hdorre. What makes you say that?
  6. Do you feel like it's worth the extra money?
  7. So I'm about to do a rebuild in my maxima, and I was looking at all options. 1 aspect I know is they the are going to be 2-(12s) coming from FI audio. But my main thought is what's the big crazy over neo! And can it help me in my build. What benefits do I get from using them!
  8. Is the kinetic battery brand dying? They got some pretty cheap battery's ow! 

    1. audiofanaticz


      They might be trying to move out old stock if they are the blue cased ones. They now offer 2 or 3 different types of series which all have different price points.



      Amazon has the smaller 600s for 44 bucks or less @srp365

  9. You guys having any sales coming up soon need 2 of these trying to work within my budget
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