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  1. A cheap mono block for my friend lol
  2. pretty sure i found the problem. there was a dvd player open un a seat and it was trying to pull in a disc. hopefully thats all it was lol
  3. Battery is an xs 5100d btw if that might help
  4. Soo I have a 2002 Yukon XL. I walked out a few days ago to start my truck and nothing. Thought maybe I had something left on so not a big deal. Jumped my truck with an xp 3000 and started right up. Today I walk out and same thing happened. Battery was dead and I made sure to unplug all my chargers and turn everything off since last time and yeah lol. Any idea what this could be?
  5. Yeah I know but I just want to know how to design a ported box similar to a sealed but louder. Doesn't need to have the flattest response but decently flat
  6. As i try to better myself on designing boxes I was wondering what the design characteristics are of a tight, punchy and mostly flat box? Is it mostly just lower port area? Any input is appreciated.
  7. 1k probably wouldn't make thaaaat big of a difference. Rock a 3.5k, buy a couple batts or an alt and feed it clean power and a good box and you're set.
  8. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/145174-ported-box-design-a-tutorial-updated-630/?fromsearch=1 This might help
  9. Thanks. And yeah that's what I was thinking because I'm not running like 8 18s. C pillar it is
  10. I'm pretty set on 4 18 xls on a 10k. I'll prolly go with a c pillar
  11. Now I know there's only one sure fire way to answer this and that's to test it, but thats a lot of work and money lol. What are the typical gains and losses going from a C-pillar to a B-pillar or vice versa in an suv? Is it really worth it for a daily vehicle? I want to build a wall but I'm not set on which pillar.
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