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  1. A cheap mono block for my friend lol
  2. That would've choked the port a bit. I believe a general rule of thumb is that you should have at least 4 inches of clearance in front of a port to prevent loading issues although it's always subjective.Yeah ima look at my truck later and see if I could tear away the plastic siding and see how deep she goes lol
  3. I've had that feeling a number of times lol. There are a lot of ways to route the port, the constraint on that is your usable dimensions. I was able to design one for an 18 with a 16 hz Fs (200 inch long port) that has the overall dimensions 40.25" wide, 21.5" tall, and 65" deep in order to work for my blowthrough. Ideally, you want as few bends as possible to reduce fluid resistance; rounding the corners/bends helps the flow and keeps the port area constant. Yeah my original design was just a simple u turn, but that would mean the port would be right up against a wall which probably wouldn't be very good...I wouldn't think anyway. It has maaaaybe a half inch of clearance lol
  4. I could just make a bunch of vertical bends so the port is ontop. Damn i'm an idiot lol
  5. Yup I did a design last night for 35hz and it's almost 13.5 cubes lol fucking massive. Only thing that's really worrying me is the port will have maybe a half inch of space in front of it since the box is 49.5 inches wide.
  6. I'll be careful with the gain. I've had these subs for over a year now though and the suspension is pretty loose now, so should I lower the tuning a bit or keep it at the original fs 37.9?
  7. Yeah I'm trying to figure out how big it'd be while I'm waiting in court lol I have the room though, I'm sure. They'd be on a 3.5k btw
  8. I'm heavily considering a t-line for a couple level 4 12s in my Yukon. Any idea how they'd perform? I know the qts and fs is a little high but I'm curious.
  9. What are some good ones? Right now I'm using "Pretty fly for a WiFi". Its overused and i think it's time to switch it up.
  10. pretty sure i found the problem. there was a dvd player open un a seat and it was trying to pull in a disc. hopefully thats all it was lol
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