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  1. Alright so i said screw it, i want this to work even if i have to sacrifice my trunk. I went back in just now and changed over to making slot ports instead of the aeroports and i was able to bring down both velocities front-27 (35sq in of port) and the rear-28 (16.8sq in of port). Now if i go to where you mentioned about 22 m/s that would put me 22.4 sq inches on rear chamber and 42 on the front chamber. Which will put my port lengths at 23.5" and 42" roughly. What do you think, go for it? I realize it'll be trial and error as many things factor in this but i got the velocity down and i just hope the port sizes are good, this is definitely not what I'm used too lol
  2. Well this is exciting... In order to get that air velocity down around 22 i have to use an 8" aero and damn near 4 ft long! This is not working the way i had hoped at all, i think I'm going to give up on this idea for now because this is not going to work in my space. I'll just build a standard ported box like i did for this subwoofer years ago and try a 6th order later on when I have my SUV back on the road to build in. For layout, accessibility, and performance i just can't do it in my Charger like i had hoped
  3. Ok I'll try looking at that again. I noticed mine was on ft/ something and i couldn't get the units changed over to m/sec like the help page example shows. I got frustrated and shut it off, but I'll try again and see what happens. Maybe I just needed a break at that point lol
  4. Well being parallel tuned what sq in of port should i be shooting for? My original design was a 4" aeroport in each chamber and the redone (to replicate 2 typical vented boxes) was a 4" aero in the front chamber and a 6" in the rear chamber. So the first one would give restriction on the rear chamber as i mentioned from that article and the revised one would undo that. Which of these in theory is what i should go with or should i shoot for different port size altogether?
  5. Sorry i forgot to say I was doing a parallel tuned box and yeah I'll take any help I can get because some of this is a bit confusing
  6. I know somebody out there has built a 6th order for one of these monsters by now. I've made a design on winISD and it looks to be a great response curve for my music but the biggest problem I'm having is knowing and understanding the port area of the 2 chambers. I've read the pinned file on the FB group for 6th orders saying to keep the rear chamber port size small like 5-8 per cu ft and the front at 28-35 per. But when i finally reach out for help everyone ignores me or 1 person says no i need more on the rear chamber and that's it. I want a wide bandwidth but i don't wanna send it straight to it's death in the first 5 minutes because of excursion problems. For the love of bass can someone please help me on this. I'm not a noob when building boxes but 4th and 6th orders I am because i haven't found the right person to help my brain understand them. My design is front chamber 60hz (1 cu ft) and rear chamber 33hz (2.5 cu ft)
  7. Ok well then I guess I'll just go ahead with the build next week and I'll let y'all know how it turns out. It'll be uploaded to my build log "Build for the beater" hopefully I don't forget any pics this time around as i forgot some on the Rockford build though I'll be doing a lot more work with this one. I gotta remove the battery I threw in there and make an amp rack finally
  8. Why tune so low? I've never tuned below 35 hz as i listen to mainly metal and rock with the occasional hip hop or rap or whatever you want to call the crap usually to be obnoxiously loud
  9. So this being my first sub from Skar Audio I don't know what these subs like as far as box and port sizes. I checked out the website and the recommended port area seems a little small but I don't know. So I made a box design for 3 cubes after displacement tuned @ 35 hz with 12.9 sq in per cube (slot port) all corners 45's. This will be powered by a Rockford Fosgate Punch 200ix in my Cavalier since the wife stole my power hx2 for her car lol Any input for box or port size would be appreciated
  10. Ok so then to make these match what exactly should i order so my old one will match the new one? Or would it be easier to just give you a call quick?
  11. Darren Stuber It was purchased through the Pennsylvania sales rep
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