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  1. So we will be adding an AD-1 to our tool box at Driven Audio in Abbotsford BC! Once we have it setup I'll post that it's ready to use. Thinking of doing a food bank donation type thing for people who want to get their amps checked. No need to profit from it, but giving a little something to those who can use help isn't a bad thing I don't think Excited to get our hands on this beast and try it out!
  2. Hi can you please update my listing to include: AD-1, IM-SG (Tony Dehnke - Driven audio) Abbotsford BC Canada - I'm currently on the map already, just added some new tools we might as well show on there too Thanks!
  3. Cool idea on the Term-Lab integration - do a score - and a RTA Freq Response curve (it's not just about the SPL #) Love the test cart idea, got the wheels turning in my head on that one! How much current does the AD-1 need to run if we didn't want to run an extention cord on the cart (I'm assuming it runs on 110v). PS - shooting a message over to the guys about getting one on order for my store.
  4. Still rocking my Rockford IM-1 - look like a dual line update of that? Any other changes your thinking of making?
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