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  1. Ya rusty gave me 49w 20h 31d port 46w 2.5 h 25 d it like 115sq inch seems kind of small that's why I was on here asking about Port area I'm already on my 4th box
  2. They said they didn't have them TS parameters yet so I asked do they know when they would get them they said they didn't know he told me that 3 cubic foot sub is what's recommended so I got on here figured I would ask people that are smarter than me try to figure it out got a box design off Facebook that was 13 cubic feet sounded like crap
  3. I've tried that that's why I'm on here asking for help trying to figure out how to determine how much Port area going to build a box for 9 cubic feet and see what happens if it works I'll keep it if it doesn't I'll tear it out and rebuild
  4. I'm going to build a box try to get it playing and have it clamped @ 1.33 find out what I'm getting out of the amp and go from there
  5. Okay just trying to understand the port area because DC doesn't have parameters which sucks so a 180 Square inch of port wouldn't be too big? DC gave me 49w20h31d port 46w 2.5 h25d I believe that's like a 115 square inches of port
  6. Yeah trying to figure out box and Port area before I do anything lithium is in the works
  7. Need help with box and Port area for 3 DC Audio Level 5 M4 15 on Crescendo 12K @ 1.33 can't figure out how much Port area can't figure out how much Port area I need and how big of box any help would be appreciated
  8. Sorry just frontline the box at headrest No pro figured you guys can figure out how to best use those dimension
  9. Need box suggestions for 2 sp4 18s in 03 tahoe I have never personally built the box so I will need cut out sheet I think it's time I try to do one myself looking for ground pounder do not care about SPL score just want to be loud and move a lot of Air.. if anyone Can help I would be very appreciative thank you crescendo Bc5500d . 2 200amp alt 4 3100 Batts. 49w/20h/43d
  10. Have one sp4 motor and basket
  11. I only know one person with all the smd tools but it hard to get him to do any thing so tuning up shit creek for know not a lot of bass heads down here the box dose not flex no leaks
  12. Well I would like I a new box that's not set up for a epicentre or will it work with out epicentre?
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