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  1. Yeah I'll give JP this... He's an excellent business person. He's not so bad in person either lol. His internet personality is a facade. He's a bit more humble in person.
  2. D4S has stacks on top of stacks of stock. I line in Vegas and have been there more times than I like to admit lol
  3. What are you running for electrical? Edit. Limitless 45ah. How's it hold up during long demos on the Ampere 3.8k? What's the lowest you've seen?
  4. 60in² of Port area in a 3.25ft³ enclosure is plenty imo and experiences. I had 2200 Watts going to a U series 15 with only 52in² Port area. I had no port noise and posted a 145+ DB score with this setup. I could imagine 3k plus would've been another story. With 4-8's and 2500 Watts max I'd imagine he'd be ok.
  5. I thought I saw .5 ft per driver ported. I might've misread. 3ft³ or bigger would make things a lot easier.
  6. Yeah this one's gonna be tough to keep it around 2ft³ and get a higher port area. I just put some numbers in and I can't get it tuned under 37+/- while keeping Port area over 48". Might need to use an aero Port. Port area per ft goes rt out the window with this one. Gonna be around 25+/-with only 50in² of Port area.
  7. I go for sound. I don't build for numbers. I should've clarified that. Four numbers I Tune higher. In that case I make the port larger and shorter. For sound I usually make the port recommended +/- 10% or so and longer. I like to peak around 32-36hz if possible. Obviously vehicle resonant frequency is going to vary from vehicle to vehicle. You will get more output with a larger port but you won't get any lows. With those 8's I'd tune around 35 and I'd go with about 18in² of Port area for 72in² total. Length will determine tuning. Triticum calculator wasn't far off in my opinion for those 8's. And when I say off I mean off in terms of my preferences. So I stand corrected about my first statement. Honest mistake
  8. This is what I usually do. I don't make the port that small but I do make it a tad smaller than recommended sometimes. For instance I just made an enclosure for 2 zv5 18's with 200 in of Port area. They called for 224
  9. I don't know why TF I thought 2-10's... Lol. 4-8's is a different story. You're using the heavy duty street soundqubed drivers?
  10. I don't agree with triticums port calculator. He's very helpful and knowledgeable and I don't discount his experience 1iota but... I build 2-3 boxes a week and my boxes always perform. I use Torres and I keep spot ports at or under 18in per ft³ ( usually 15-17) regardless of people saying that rule of thumb isn't good. It's ALWAYS WORKED FOR ME. We use term lab and SSD meters and I know what my enclosures do and numbers don't lie. They never disappoint. I keep port ratio under 1:8 (usually around 1:2-1:6 if possible). Rules of thumb are generally guidelines but they didn't find their way into common practice for nothing. I keep specs around MFG recommendations. I go slightly larger on Port area for some and slightly smaller on others depending on what type of tuning I'm looking for. Smaller makes tuning lower easier without having a port a half mile long ( total exaggeration). Just food for thought. If you are running 10 inch drivers you don't need anywhere near 80 in of Port area. Jmo
  11. 4ft³ with around 50-55in of Port area. Tune it to 30hz. You'll get some excursion.
  12. Those SSD subs don't play lows that great at all. Might just be the issue. You said you wanted louder... You'd get better lows with the DD audio driver.
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