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  1. On a side note... Nice ride man. SQ all the way imo. Probably the only time I'd consider 10" woofers. Couldn't tell you what brands to consider but I'd start to research. Single 12 bandpass or sealed maybe also? Jus a thought
  2. DiBo

    Twisted Sounds 3.5K

    What are you running them at? How's your electrical also?
  3. figure I might as well get three more... 150 out the trunk ain't going down but mid 150's in a wall will haha
  4. How's would this sound Joe ( if you drop in lol). I figure I'd finally be loud maybe?? For six sundown x12's
  5. Oh ok got cha. Amp does rt at 5k @13.6. not sure .8 or .67
  6. I don't follow what you mean here.
  7. Yeah I've already ran the 5k @.5. 2 group 31 in the trunk and one group 24 AGM under the hood. Cars getting a wall. Trying to decide between 3 or 4-15's or 4 to 6-12's.
  8. Haha... 270 amp alt, dual 1/0 ofc everywhere, 300 ah of quality AGM... The usual stout electrical for running 5-6k RMS. Already have subs too. Cleaned up yesterday on an enclosure and install.
  9. Just like the title states. Thinking about rise and power per sub etc... What sounds better to y'all?
  10. Cca wire!?!? With this level of build... Can't believe you're just getting around to ofc. What color wiring you going with?
  11. DiBo

    Need new box design for HCCA 15's

    I've ran a few different woofers with the Orion 2500.1Dz. Do yourself a favor and add a couple fans. In my opinion these amps should only be 2 ohm stable because of the heat sink and lack of cooling. These are true 3k boards. Damn near same exact internals as my $800 apocalypse 4K. And they take a beating also , I've thermal protected mine a dozen times (Las Vegas desert). amp is actually built better than my Wolfram W 4500.1 on the inside. 25hz subsonic works for 33hz tuning also. Your shits going to pound bro. Hard
  12. DiBo

    Need new box design for HCCA 15's

    I'm actually building a box for a single hcca 15 spl. What model hcca's do you have? I can design you a box tuned to where you want. Orion suggest 38hz but I did this one at 35. Lmk what you want and I'll get something designed for you.
  13. I blew the sub output in my desk by touching the speaker ground to the amp positive while using the dd-1. Anyways, the front and rear channel are good but the subwoofer crossover is useless now obviously. The deck is good besides this. Best external subwoofer control? Suggestions?
  14. DiBo

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Looking at the response, the bandwidth actually does look shorter... But definitely flatter. I still think it's not ideal but definitely better than I expected.
  15. DiBo

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    I stand corrected. And I'm glad Joe X answered this.