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  1. Great bang for your low buck... Orion xtr1500.1 dz on a fi bl 15v3. Real Korean power on a real American made 1800 watt RMS woofer. Slappin lol
  2. DiBo

    Orion amps

    Believe it or not they're probably making the best amps they ever have. The XTR 1500.1d and 2500.1dz are insane values and the hcca line are reminiscent of the old cheater amps of back in the day. The newer hcca models are great and if they ever change up woofer baskets and amp heatsinks I'm back in! Lol. Their equipment is good but it's sinfully ugly I'm sorry haha
  3. DiBo

    2 2500s or 1 5k - Pros/Cons ??

    Korean over Brazilian for 2 reasons... You can wire Korean boards down to fight impedance rise and 2 there's way more reputable, proven, great sounding Korean boards I'm. Zv5's take way more than rated. I put a 4.5k @.5 on mine for a 147db out the trunk on a single 15. 4-sa 12's will get louder because of more cone area and they'll hit harder on less power and you'd be able to get away with 7.2ft³ on the enclosure. 2 zv5's would need about 8ft³ minimal and 8.5 optimal. I'd run 2 bs2.1's @.5 each bare minimal. The 5.1 @.5 works also. 2 amps also split impedance rise to my understanding. Korean Korean Korean!!
  4. Local to me. Only place to get online prices and I can drive 12 min to swoop it up. Plus Barbara will let me see anything before I buy it... Subs, amps, speakers etc. All around win regardless of who owns the business imo
  5. DiBo

    Crossfire C7 3k Amp Dyno Test

    Their Brazilian line is made by sound digital. Their Korean line is made by S&I. Mine plays music @.33 and had never protected. Best amp I've ever owned so I got the 5500.1d haha. Gonna grab another for 12k in the Navi
  6. Whatever your amp [email protected]+ ohms is what you'll get. That's if you're lucky enough to only have 2x rise. Don't expect anywhere near 7k. Or 5k got that matter @1 ohm.
  7. I got a Deaf Bonce AAK-5500.1d & 180.4 from D4S for Black Friday... Saved around $400!!
  8. Because it was a return. They didn't care.
  9. I seen this amp at d4s in person lol. I couldn't believe it.
  10. DiBo

    Twisted Sounds 3.5K

    How do you have three Subs wired at half? Either .33, .67, or 1.33... if you're running 3 dual 2 ohm woofers you might be at .33 buddy. .33 no bueno on the twisted and Wolfram boards
  11. Joe X and triticum come to mind. Them dudes help countless members. Even the ones who come and go.
  12. DiBo

    Crossfire C7 3k Amp Dyno Test

    Looks like my Apocalypse AAK-4000.1d. the crossfire has 2 extra toroids tho. Other than that it's the same board.
  13. Two baffles for the sub to mount too and the third baffle surrounds the outside of the woofer. Problem solved. You get the strength of 2.25" of total baffle with only 1.5" of mounting depth. I'm building an enclosure for 2-18's like this rt now lol
  14. DiBo

    Digital designs dealer

    Haha... I live in Las Vegas so Fi was a natural choice. Serious though, DD M series amps are the shit. Not worth what they ask tho lol. Fa real fa real.