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  1. Not an OG in audio or the forums but I'm still at it. Daily 62's. Building a new sixth order right now in my Escalade. I remember I made a post saying trunk 150s when I first got on here hahahaha. Trunk 50's easy these days. Still having fun.
  2. One of my buddies makes these incredible looking enclosures with fiv, six, seven kerfs inside. He swears they get louder and it's for acoustics. So I'm going to build a regular enclosure with a single 45 in the port no kerf. I'll let you guys know how bad I kick his ass on the meter.
  3. Nowhere near finished. I'll be doing all the beautification pretty soon
  4. The numbers on the bottom don't mean anything. My meter takes avg's and a slew of other features. These were burps in the kick with drivers door open. My 27hz score is over 158db
  5. Kick scores. It's jello from the B pillar forward haha. Gonna put a stripper pole and deaden the whole cab. Should help score. A lil more port work also. There's another 1-1.5db in it easy on same power.
  6. Probably unloads ? I'm happy with mid 50's @ mid 20's haha. Daily ground pounder
  7. Shrunk port down and adding lots of power. Got a mean front stage going in as soon as doors get done too
  8. Doing 158 on music with driver door open. 160on glass is the goal.
  9. 4-zv5 18's in a B-pillar 4th on low power. 160's easy today with new amps...
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