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  1. DiBo

    In need of help on subwoofers

    Post pics of your setup. I agree about the w7 subs not living up to the hype. I think when they came out finding a 1000 watt+ sub was uncommon and they look cool AF so people dubbed them the greatest ever but no lol. Cerwin Vega strokers were better in my opinion. Anyways... Sounds to me you're looking for a daily SPL type setup. You'll get that with the Orion's but they're not a favorite of mine either. The 12s do sound a lot better than the 15s imo. If for any reason you don't like the Orion's take a look at Sundown U series. They're musical and they pound. They also take more than 1500rms by a few hundred watts. They're clear, efficient, and they have an overall great sound. Good for future thought if Orion doesn't cut it.
  2. Single sa 12... The system that got me back into systems. Shit slammed on a kicker 1200.1. In that little Toyota Yaris you would not be disappointed.
  3. Home Depot sells everbilt ¼" threaded rod for cheap. Is this strong enough for amplifier stacking?
  4. Finally got another 4k but the same day I came up on 2 more X12s. Gotta love offer up!! $480 from $700!! I told him he could keep his box LMFAO. Thinking about a 4th order with... 6ft³ sealed 12ft³ ported. 18ft³ total tuned to around 42-44hz maybe? Any suggestions. I'm throwing the four and four now and I'll be getting started on my sealed section within the next month. I won't be able to slide in the whole 18 ft but I will be able to slide in the sealed section and build on top of that.
  5. For now it's going to be chassis grounds in front and back. When I get my extra wire I will be running grounds directly from my front battery to rear battery Bank and ditching the chassis grounds except the front chassis to battery/alternator.
  6. I've been told that grounding battery to bank completes the circuit. A chassis ground works especially when using a few but the best ( not my words) is grounding to the battery. 2 wires of power from FB to RB and equal or more grounds from FB to RB.
  7. Vehicles with a true frame have good ground capabilities. That's all I know. Keep it simple... Frames are thick and there's a lot of material to handle a lot of ground current. In my lowrider days we'd ground 10-16 batteries rt to the frame and run our batteries in series to so I know frames can handle a lot of juice.
  8. Dammit... Cliche time... EPIC!! You have an engineer mind-state. Cheater! Lol good shit Ray. Post often please. Everybody here at SMD won't mind at all.
  9. My first power wire front to back is 2 / 0 gauge certified basshead ofc. My big 3 is the same. All 2/0 gauge. 3 grounds in the back is 2/0 and 3 are 1/0. My wire connecting my batteries is 2/0ga also. I'm going to add 1 ground from front battery to chassis ( there's 2 already up front) and a single 1/0 ga run front to back because Down4sound is out of 2/0ga. I'm going to utilize 3 grounds from chassis to rear bank and call it a day. The distro in the back is to keep 8 wires off of my battery terminals. I'll go half in probably. When down4sound gets more to 2/0gauge I'll go front to back with 1 power and 2 grounds.
  10. Tech support at DC Audio. One thing I will say about DC Audio they will answer the damn phone and they will help you every time 30 minutes on the phone if it takes. Good... Great customer service.
  11. I was just going to grab some quarter inch aluminum flat stock it's only $20 for a 12 ft long piece.
  12. About to run to Curtis steel here in Las Vegas Nevada. Does anybody have any advice for making some distribution bars out of aluminum stock?