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  1. 2-18's will get louder and slightly lower if you get some efficient drivers. 5k isn't much so go for a nice 3" coil driver. Why not 3-18's in a 20ft³ enclosure @.67? That would slap harder than E. Honda! I'd go with something like a Sundown X18 for efficiency.... Well maybe just 2 on a 5k tho. Wire to .5. That amp can do lower impedance all day long with proper electrical.
  2. Seems to me that a 12" Port needing to be 12"away seems extreme. I'm not fond of aeroports anyways. I prefer slot ports all day. I was asking for someone else. I'm going to do some testing eventually and see what I come up with
  3. Do your thang g. Just making sure you knew what you were getting into. I see that you do. You're gonna be loud AF... GOOD SHIT!!!!
  4. Yes I build boxes. I'll get you some numbers after I eat dinner in a couple hours. You want single or double top baffle?
  5. Taramps and wiring down are playing with fire. I don't care what someone else says. These amps aren't the most reliable... They get loud without question but reliability comes into play. The bass 30k's also need to be fed crazy amounts of juice. You'll be pulling around 6000amps of current with those so plan on at least 3 alternators ( 300 amps ea+) and around 400ah of quality lithium. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  6. Sub up or front facing? Port up, back or same side as woofer? Lmk Workable dimensions also?
  7. 16.5 height is pushing it. Can you go 17?
  8. I'll do it for free if you don't mind raw numbers and no modeling.
  9. DiBo

    orion xtr 4000.1

    The Crescendo Bass Clef 4k is $849. The Deaf Bonce 4k is $769. The Ampere Audio 3800.1 is $859. All three are leaps and bounds better imo
  10. DiBo

    orion xtr 4000.1

    Sometimes amps miss. This one's a full bridge amplifier that runs extremely hot! Thermal protects quickly. No internal fan and cheap heatsink. Power hog also. Needs like 4 batteries to run that beast. Can't wire it down at all. It's runnable... Get an attwood 12v fan or two and feed the beast good electrical. Better options tho for same price. Way better options.
  11. MD8k's then. That's a whole lot of gain matching. Hopefully minimal rise also. Should be loud regardless. Clamshell 4th order?
  12. 2 Deaf Bonce Apocalypse AAK-20000.1D @ .4 @ 16v!! That'd be my choice. I don't trust taramps wired down. MD 8k's @1ohm wouldn't be enough I don't think.
  13. I you're coming to Vegas anytime soon lmk. I can build you an enclosure.
  14. Shipping is the expensive part. Where are you located?
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