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  1. Probably unloads ? I'm happy with mid 50's @ mid 20's haha. Daily ground pounder
  2. Shrunk port down and adding lots of power. Got a mean front stage going in as soon as doors get done too
  3. Doing 158 on music with driver door open. 160on glass is the goal.
  4. 4-zv5 18's in a B-pillar 4th on low power. 160's easy today with new amps...
  5. Damn that's crazy... Nobody on here appreciates a dope ass build? Or just SMD traffic slow lately? I got more likes with way weaker shit hahahaha
  6. Not bad for my initial test hits I have since shrunk the port down. Only 2x SCV 4K's
  7. 157 on music @35hz with just two 4k's for initial testing. Over 154 sealed on glass also. Music. Haven't measured in the kick with the door open or any tones...
  8. You're going to want about 110in²-125in² of port area. Tune it to around mid 40's but if it was me I'd find resonant frequency of the vehicle before you tune it. I'd do about 2ft³ sealed and whatever ratio you want after that. 1:1 for more of a flat response and larger ratios will start to get a little peaky soni wouldn't go more than 2.5:1 ratio personally. 2:1 is good.
  9. DiBo

    crescendo amps

    A good source that sells Crescendo told me they're going under. Their new line of amps are great too... The 4k, 6k, 8k, 13k and 17k are all really well built amps. I personally know people in Vegas running every sz except 13k. I talked to Crescendo's owner earlier this year and he told me they had a whole new Sub line using Ti baskets and all new motors and softies but now they won't answer the phone hardly.
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