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  1. Redid my setup and now my RCA's won't reach whichever amp I mount to the left side of the back of the box. How do I extend them. Will my RCA's lose some input voltage? Probably be easier to run the monoblock I guess since my ground distro block is also on the left side and I have dual grounds going to my amp and that'll make them shorter.
  2. Learning as you go makes for slow progress. My bad y'all. Took forever to decide.
  3. 4th nixed. Reasons Sub limitation. I could've only went 12" above the sealed side so I didn't have room for team Fi 12s or zv5's if I wanted. Batteries would've had to be non removable. No thanks. Still using car as daily. After starting the build ivran into several unforseen obstacles that just made taking a chance on it not sounding good not worth it. So... Single team Fi 15 for now on 3k til customs releases my wolf! Here's the first mock-up...
  4. 22x13.5x25 2.25x12x30 port (27 sq in ) 1.6 ft tuned to 35 Sub up double top baffle
  5. I'll come up with something a little later tonight when I get home.
  6. I think the X is good for about 2k RMS. Should be ok. Thanks Joe. You da man.
  7. Sweet... Tricky part? How do I know how much power is optimal for a box?
  8. Can anyone tell me what effects it will have on performance and sound? Box is actually for a Fi 15. Might put an X in there till I get the Fi. If I'm correct it's about 4.10ft³ with 62sq in port area. X calls for 4.25 and 68in port. Can anyone punch this in and post the results. Will be on 3k. Plenty power 33.5x21.5x17 Port is 15.5x4x31 15.5x2" 45° x4 in corners 1-45°@3.5"