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  1. I'm glad those #'s worked out for you. I'm pretty familiar with bigger Sundown drivers. I own a bunch lol. Good job man
  2. I second the U series. Excellent quality and great for hard hitting music setups. Don't need rebassed music to wake them up.
  3. Can't wire 2 different impedance subs together... Will you can but you won't like the results.
  4. 1 common wall up top, 3 common walls on the bottom. 
  5. Port across the bottom is 3 common walls too if it uses the sides as part of the port...
  6. I wouldn't tune the SA series to 30hz personally. 33hz minimal with subsonic set to around 28 at the lowest. Preferably 30hz. They only have like 16mm xmax and don't particularly like lows. They snap hard from 33up though.
  7. Crescendo is a better amp but the twisted does about 1000 more watts. The crescendo is the same exact board as the DC 3.5k. the twisted is the same board as the Wolfram W-4500. I prefer crescendo S&I board with clipping light over twisteds zennon board. It's just a weaker amp tho.
  8. 3db is a lot. What vehicle, sub and box orientation?
  9. Centerport takes slightly more material though... Side port will make the box a tad bit smaller but not much. Reason being is a side port shares three common walls instead of just two.
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