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  1. Not an OG in audio or the forums but I'm still at it. Daily 62's. Building a new sixth order right now in my Escalade. I remember I made a post saying trunk 150s when I first got on here hahahaha. Trunk 50's easy these days. Still having fun.
  2. 2x punch 40's in 1996 powering 4 punch dvc 10's.
  3. Deaf Bonce is amazing equipment, team and customer service. Big ups to Deaf Bonce!!!
  4. What are you running for electrical? Edit. Limitless 45ah. How's it hold up during long demos on the Ampere 3.8k? What's the lowest you've seen?
  5. What'd you meter? (Edit) just seen your score... Not bad... Not bad at all.
  6. You'll widen your bandwidth but you'll need a lot of power. I'd say a 6k @.5 or two 4.k's @1ohm minimal. Invert subs also or you chance cooling issues. They'll sound great. Do it to it dog.
  7. 6 kicker 15's on a big purple US amps surfboard in 1996 (Junior high school year) in a c-pillar wall in a new suburban.... First tap out was 8 kicker solo X's in an astro van at ces 2018 in Vegas on either 8 or 16 kicker 2400's in a 4th order. Wasn't ready for rebassed Bon Jovi!! Been hooked since.
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