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  1. Ive got an Arc Audio Bxi2000.1 on my two lvl 3 12's and they seem to do just fine at 1 ohm. but a 3.5k seems a little out of the question even at 1 ohm. like everyone else has said, either drop the power, or upgrade the subs....and from what I hear the lvl 4's are an excellent performance to price ratio. Dropping that amp to .5 ohm on lvl 3's is going to cost you more in the long run rather than just getting the 4's anyways.
  2. any way you could get like 3 different colors like: "team" in electric blue and "DC" In electric green and "Audio" in white? (in reference to original post).
  3. Okay how does this look then? 1 6in. Aero Port 3 cu ft net. for box 9.33 port area per foot tuned roughly around 34.3 hz
  4. Any reason why? I think i might have to go a smaller port if that's the case tho.
  5. Net volume: 4.15 cu ft. Port area per foot: 11.36 with an 8in. Aero port at 20 inches usable length on an arc audio XDi 2000.1 Tuned at 34.5 hz
  6. Steve, don't know if you had any thoughts about making another thread like this for other consoles like Ps3, but being as most of us have a PC or laptop for this forum Ide suggest a free FPS or something off of steam. Like Team Fortress 2, or maybe a game that quite a few people already play (never played minecraft but supposedly its become quite popular). you could even do contests on there (especially with steam) and since some games have great daily deals you could do cheap giveaways/wager matches.
  7. Has anyone tried the 3d app on Google play yet? Not sure if I should buy it or not.
  8. you could spend the money to buy a second AQ amp to strap it and ACTUALLY SAVE $, rather than doing the electrical upgrades necessary to run something so small on .5 ohm. although upgraded electrical is always going to be good. an added point....your electrical that you have will probably be fine for two of those AQ's strapped at 2 ohms, if im wrong somebody else can chime in on that.
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